– No Credit Cards, No Paypal, No Problem

South Florida firearms startup takes pot shot at payment processors and ad networks, while the Nation’s demand for AR 15 continues to outstrip supply.


FORT LAUDERDALE, –-( “Small but defiant startup offers AR 15 rifles online, but uses old fashioned offline payment solution to process his customers' payments, and explains how this is just one of the challenges companies like his face in an online world dominated by anti-gun mega corporations.

AR 15,  AR 15,  where can I buy an AR 15?

That’s all I kept hearing last year, even before the [Newton] shootings,” recollects Rob Valli, owner of Florida Discount Guns Inc., “so we began working on a website called For Sale AR 15, never thinking that by the time it was finished, we wouldn’t have any rifles to sell, or any way to process our orders.”

Today, For Sale AR 15 ( only offers two different models of AR 15s.

“Granted, we don’t have a big of a selection at the moment,” jokes Valli, “but at least they are both from top manufacturers, and they are reasonably priced,” referring to the two brand name black rifles featured on his website. “But just so you know,” he quickly adds, “we also only accept US Postal Money Orders for AR 15 purchases – we don’t accept credit cards.”

“You see when you order an AR 15 from us,” explains Valli, “you get a call from me to confirm your order, then I email you your invoice, and you then have to actually mail it in, along with your US Postal Money Order. Once we get it, we mail the firearm to your neighborhood gun dealer for pickup. (and Federal Back Ground Check)”

“Maybe it’s not as fast as a credit card, and maybe it’s a little old fashioned, but it is simple and secure for both of us,” says the owner of the fledgling startup, in regards to fraud concerns. “More importantly, it’s $40-$50 I don’t have to add to the invoice, and that helps us be more competitive in the marketplace.”

“We learned early on,” Valli explains, “PayPal, Amazon, eBay, Google, and Bing are not 2nd Amendment friendly companies, in the sense that they do not allow companies, like ours [who sell firearm accessories and firearms to the public] to advertise our websites on their advertising networks, or list our products for sale on their auctions, or even allow us access to technology to process perfectly legal transactions on our own web sites.”

For those that think he exaggerates, Valli illustrates his argument with a simple example, “if I owned a non-firearm startup, I could go to KickStarter and raise VC, or drive traffic to my eBay store using AdWords, or do some keyword advertising on Bing, or offer mobile checkout using PayPal or Amazon – but because my company is involved in the firearms industry, none of these companies will even service me, which obviously makes doing business more difficult (at best) and in some cases, even prohibitively expensive.”

“It doesn’t matter if they are from Wall Street or University Avenue, they are all hucksters,” laughs Valli, as he clicks on the order button on his website, and an AR 15 is placed into his shopping cart. He then points at the screen and says, “it might not be hi-tech, but we are content to do business the old fashioned way …so Molon labe, PayPal; your services are no longer required here.”

For more information:

Florida Discount Guns Inc. 650-804-5391

[email protected]

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7 years ago

I have never been unable to buy or find an AR-15 to buy , and in fact my best friend just bought one for 900.00 and I bought mine a few years ago for 700.00 . I think this being unable to find them is just the industry trying to raise prices . They is no shortage , nor is their a TRUE ammo shortage , it is all just hype to raise prices and rip off new gun owners .

7 years ago

I do not do business with Pay Pal. If you get ripped off they will not straighten it out like Amazon. It’s just your problem as far as they are concerned. Amazon is the best to do business with. No con artist get by them.