This Will Drive Gun-Grabbers Crazy … And Change Our Schools Forever

We're doing something remarkable this summer with 144 teachers from dozens of Ohio schools.

Gun Free School Zone
Gun Free School Zone
Buckeye Firearms Foundation
Buckeye Firearms Foundation

Ohio –-( It's going to drive the gun-grabbers crazy. But it's going to change our schools forever.

It all started at a Town Hall meeting at Ohio State University in December of last year.

The Sandy Hook elementary school slaughter had just rocked the nation. Anti-gun activists lead by Mayor Bloomberg began screaming for gun bans and dozens of new restrictions.

Ken Hanson, legal counsel for Buckeye Firearms Association, was invited to debate the issue at OSU. The debate was unremarkable … until Ken dropped a bombshell.

He said that debate was pointless. Every time there's a school killing, the gun control crowd wants to have a debate, stage a march, give a speech, issue a press release, hold a vigil, or pass a law.

“We're done debating,” Ken announced. “We know what stops school killers. It's not talk. Killers stop killing when someone makes them stop.” Then he told the crowd Buckeye Firearms Foundation would start providing “active killer” training to armed teachers.

The anti-gun activists gasped in horror.

“It's our kids in these schools,” he said. “We're not asking for permission. We're not going to debate it. We're arming the teachers.”

The crowd cheered and gave Ken a standing ovation.

It sent shockwaves through Ohio and made headlines around the country and around the world, as far away as Japan.

The media and the gun control crowd jeered the idea, saying teachers wouldn't be interested. But to their surprise over 1,400 concerned teachers contacted us begging for the training.

The Foundation partnered with John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) to develop an advanced 3-day class specifically designed for teachers and administrators on how to quickly stop an active killer in a school.

The pilot class was an amazing success. And many Ohio schools finished the school year with armed teachers and administrators available to protect children from violence.

But that was only the beginning.

Now, that we've created and tested the training with 24 teachers, it's time to roll it out on a bigger scale. So the Foundation has just announced that it will commit to funding three additional classes at TDI this summer and three additional classes in north east Ohio with “Top Shot” finalist Chris Cerino.

In addition, we're working on a “train the trainer” class to jump start similar programs around Ohio and in other states.

And this is where YOU come in.

To be blunt, we need money. Lots of it. For these six classes, we need at least $100,000. That's not chump change. In fact, it's the single largest commitment our Foundation has ever undertaken.

The ammo alone is massively expensive. Each teacher needs 1,000 rounds per class. And with 24 teachers per class, that's 24,000 rounds per class. You know how hard it's been finding even a few hundred in popular calibers recently. For six classes over this summer, it's going to take 144,000 rounds.

So we need your help. You've come through for us in the past. And we're counting on you to have our back now.

The money is not for us. We're volunteers. Not a single person in our Association or Foundation earns a dime from anything we do. We're all volunteers. We give thousands of hours a year without pay … often spending more time on safety and Second Amendment issues than we do on our full time jobs.

The money is for our kids. If the next school slaughter happens in one of our schools, it will be our children on the line. And if they're in a school that's only defended by good intentions and a “no gun” sign on the front door, they're going to pay the price.

We don't need you to give us a lot. We know times are still difficult and many people are out of work or having trouble paying the bills. Some of us are going through hard times too.

So all we're asking for is $20. That's enough to pay for one box of ammo.

Obviously, we're buying ammo in bulk, not by the box. We're being as frugal as we can. But to provide the equivalent of one box, which is about 50 rounds, we need on average about $20.

Is $20 really going to make a difference when we need $100,000 total? YES! That's because there are about 43,000+ people who are receiving this message.

Based on the history of our messages, we expect about 1/3 of our subscribers to open and read this message. Of those, maybe 1/3 will respond.

Do the math and that works out to about 4,680 people who are likely to give us $20 each which could raise $93,600, which is pretty close to what we need for all six classes.

So I guess the question is, “Are our kids worth $20?”

Can you spare $20 this month to help us train 144 more teachers and start taking this vital training to many other locations where even more teachers can be trained?

This is the most important program we have ever started. It has become the central focus of our Foundation. And the results will far outweigh the costs.

Because this isn't just about training armed teachers to protect our kids. It's about changing the mindset in our schools. This is ground zero for the culture war in America. And if we can change the mindset of our school system, we can start to change the mindset of the entire nation.

Killers enter our schools because WE LET THEM. Our society trains our kids from a very early age the perverted idea that being compliant and passive in the face of evil is somehow noble.

Kids learn to cower, beg, and plead with monsters who laugh as they murder them one-by-one.

The “active killer” training isn't as much about putting guns in school as it is about stiffening the backbone of our communities.

It's about sending a message to the next wanna be mass murdering coward that at least some schools won't be easy targets … because we're all fed up with being victims.

That's what your $20 can do.

Are you with us? Can we count on you?

If you want to give more that's fine. $100 … $75 … $50 … whatever you think this training is worth.

But all I'm asking for is $20.

Click the donate button below and DONATE ONLINE NOW:

Remember … Buckeye Firearms Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

If you'd rather donate with a check, make it payable specifically to BUCKEYE FIREARM FOUNDATION. Not “Buckeye” or “Buckeye Firearms” or “Buckeye Firearms Association.” You have to make it payable to BUCKEYE FIREARMS FOUNDATION or it won't get into the right account and it won't help the FASTER teacher training program.

Send your check to:

FASTER Teacher Training
c/o Buckeye Firearms Foundation
15 West Winter Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

I want to thank you in advance for making the effort to do what's right. Most people won't. Most people are sheep. It's always the few, the sheepdogs like you, who choose to act and make a difference.

I have little ones in school. And I pray for their safety every day. For their sake, I thank you for you support.

Yours for Freedom,
Jim Irvine

Buckeye Firearms Association is a grassroots political action committee dedicated to defending and advancing the right of Ohio citizens to own and use firearms for all legal activities. Visit:

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3 years ago

put a sign saying ” GUN FREE ZONE ” everything is free to take .

7 years ago

I’m sure a big gun free sign would have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter. I mean I’m sure he wouldn’t want to get charged with carrying firearms on school grounds even though he was willing to murder innocent defenseless children. Interesting that if a law abiding parent with a ccw permit had been there that day they would have been forced to be unarmed. Can liberals possibly make it any easier for psychopaths to kill innocent people. Why dont we put a sign on every liberals house that says “gun free home,everyone here is unarmed”.

7 years ago

Seanoamerica, it was probably like the monkey house in spring time.

7 years ago

Oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall at the WH when this was announced to o whatshis name

7 years ago

Your link is broken. What email address can I send paypal money to. Or send me an invoice. thanks