Accu-Grip Introduces 3 New Colors To Its Adjustable Ar15 & Ak47 Pistol-Grip

ACCU-GRIP AR in Desert Sand
ACCU-GRIP AR in Desert Sand

LAS VEGAS – July 16, 2013 – ACCU-GRIP is gaining national momentum with its revolutionary, adjustable AR15 and AK47 pistol-grips as professional shooters and gun enthusiasts discover their improved shooting accuracy from the custom fit grips.

In response to high customer requests, ACCU-GRIP has expanded its line of pistol-grips to provide three new colors – Flat Dark Earth, Desert Sand and Olive Drab (OD) green, in addition to the traditional black color option.

ACCU-GRIP carefully evaluates customer feedback to ensure continued positive results. Requests for color options were immediately set into action to accommodate all current and future customers.

In addition to the three new colors, female shooting enthusiasts have requested that ACCU-GRIP offer a pink grip.  Due to this high demand, pink grips will be available in September of this year.

The cutting-edge pistol-grip is designed to replace stock grips with its improved ergonomics to provide proper trigger control for the smallest to the largest of hands.

“Until now, the adjustability of the AR/AK to the shooter could be highly tailored in virtually every feature except pistol-grips.  Aftermarket grips are very limited in adjustability and cannot achieve an appropriate trigger index for shooters with larger hands,” said co-owner Dorian Fulton.

With ACCU-GRIP’s sales and distribution on the rise and being recognized as a grip that improves comfort and accuracy – rifle shooting champions, S.W.A.T. officers, military and recreational shooters all agree, ACCU-GRIP works.

“As a woman with above average height and hand size, thanks to ACCU-GRIP, my long fingers reach the trigger comfortably and properly which ensures a straight pull.  This is extremely important and makes a noticeable improvement especially in long-range shooting,” said Anette Wachter, international long-range shooting champion, U.S. Rifle Team member and NRA 300-yard Civilian National Record Holder.

“Having a U.S. Rifle Team member and long-range shooting champion like Wachter endorse our product is an absolute honor,” says Mike Jones, co-owner of ACCU-GRIP.

Grips in all colors are available for purchase at for the new list price of $39.95.

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