New Jersey Gun Rights Still in Limbo as Christie Contemplates What To Do?

By Scott Bach
Executive Director ANJRPC

New Jersey Capitol Building
New Jersey Gun Rights Still in Limbo as Christie Contemplates What To Do?
Scott Bach
Scott Bach: Executive Director ANJRPC

Trenton, NJ –-( As I write this message mid-summer, 15 gun bills sit on Governor Christie’s desk, where they landed throughout May and June.

With the Governor’s 45-day deadline to act temporarily suspended by a legislative recess that could end at any time and dangles like a guillotine, the future of the Second Amendment in New Jersey is truly in a state of limbo.

While the suspense awaiting gubernatorial action is agonizing after 6 months of intense legislative battle, the fact that the Governor has not yet acted is significant.

He already could have signed or vetoed the legislation regardless of the deadline, but he has not yet done so. While there is much speculation about the meaning of this delay, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that the Governor is being careful and deliberate in considering what he will do – and it is critical that gun owners use every minute of this time window to make their voices heard in the Governor’s office on a sustained basis, until he acts.

It is a testimony to the unbelievably hard work of gun owners over the last 6 months that the battle has extended this deep into the summer. Consider New York’s overnight legislative steamroller in January, and the legislative juggernauts in Colorado, Maryland and Connecticut this spring.

New Jersey would have certainly suffered a similar fate back then but for the iron will of gun owners, the deployment of several unique strategies, and an undeniable helping Hand from above.

While the ultimate outcome of the legislative process in the Garden State is far from certain, one thing is clear: now is not the time for gun owners to back off on their efforts – now is the time to give it everything we’ve got, with every ounce of heart and strength, right to the very end, however long that takes.

The burden of defending freedom against the worst attacks in history has fallen squarely on our shoulders. If we do not sustain our efforts for however long it takes, liberty’s torch will surely be extinguished.

No matter what the odds, no matter how futile it might appear, no matter how weary of the process you might be, make the effort anyway. It is that attitude that has brought us this far, and is that attitude that could make the difference in the fate of the Second Amendment in the Garden State.

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NJ is a Demoncrap controlled Communist State. Christie a republican should never support anything these people do.