Revolutionary & Economical Long Range Wireless Marksmanship System

OutWest Long Range Wireless Marksmanship System
OutWest Long Range Wireless Marksmanship System
OutWest Systems
OutWest Systems

Colorado Springs, Co. –( OutWest Systems, Inc. Renowned for their line of advanced high-tech LASER and live fire (and super long range optic cable) firearm training systems is pleased to announce the release of their OCAT Long Range Wireless System.

Problem: When firing at targets much over 300 yards it can be difficult to see bullet holes or round impact.This is especially true if the shooter does not have a spotter watching the shots as fired. And at ranges much beyond this having a spotter or not it is nearly impossible to reliably see the hits and misses especially under recoil.

Solution: OCAT System’s Long Range Marksmanship System solves this!

  1. Place a tripod mounted OCAT sending unit with your or an OCAT spotting scope and OCAT sending unit within 40-60 yards of the target and focus the spotting scope and you are done.
  2. Back at the firing line turn on the receiving unit which is linked to your laptop computer. Turn on computer and start your OCAT Program.
  3. Now on your computer screen you see the shots as if you are 30 feet from the target. The OCAT System will mark and plot each shot as fired and can even offer additional information verbally and visually. The company also offers a low cost optional pan and tilt system which allows movement of the spotting scope from the firing line for use with multiple targets saving those long walks/drives down range.


Very easy for one person to quickly set up.*1
No need for a spotter or pulled targets at ranges out to 1,000+ yards. *2
Instant feedback for shots fired, incredibly important for mirage and wind effect feedback and shot analysis.*3

System includes:

  • USB 2.0 to Ethernet converter
  • Two WiFi Antennas with power over Ethernet
  • Two 100 foot Ethernet cables
  • Two 3 foot Ethernet cables


  • MSRP $595.00

The OCAT wireless system is fully compatible and supported by OCAT System’s computer program as an add on. If a person does not own any OCAT products, all that is needed is for the purchase of their OCAT System Kit MSRP $765.00

NOTE: The Company is very responsive to questions and consultation.

OCAT stands for Optical Computer-Aided Training

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  • *1 Many folks will not hesitate to buy a $5,000 special purpose rifle topped with a $2,000 scope and then not effectively practice with it. But consider the benefits of actually learning how to affordably and effectively accomplish long range one-shot hits. training with OCAT’s wireless system can help make this reliably happen.
  • *2 At ranges beyond 1,100 yards OCAT relay units are available at a nominal cost to extend the range to the shooter’s needs. For fixed or semi-permanent operations OCAT Systems also offers a fiber optic range system that can extend the range in any terrain for several thousand yards if needed.
  • *3 Any expert will affirm that effective long range marksmanship demands an understanding of the effects of mirage and wind. The OCAT wireless system makes that possible. Simply observe the mirage/wind from the firing line, fire your shot and instantly see the bullet strike. Now the shooter can plot and contrast the fired shot with the hit and then understand the effects of mirage and wind on that shot. This kind of shot and effect training will accomplish the same results as those by shot to shot crew served pit pulled targets utilized in military sniper training and in competition at Camp Perry (for example).

NOW the precision long range shooter can do all this by them self and on any rifle range or even at a prairie dog town or just shooting at pop cans at 1,000 yards and yes we do that.