Who’s Going To Win Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars?

Top Shot, Chris Cheng
Top Shot, Chris Cheng

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- This Wednesday is the season finale of Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars.

It has been a fantastic season where we’ve seen little drama in the form of bickering between competitors, and much, much more sportsmanship throughout the entire season.

With the elimination of the Nomination Range, Top Shot is now a shooter’s TV show.

One of these competitors will soon join me and Top Shot Champions Iain Harrison, Chris Reed, and Dustin Ellermann, and his world will become awesome overnight.

(Photos below courtesy of History.com)

Who's Going To Win Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars?
Who’s Going To Win Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars?

An O.G. from Season 1, a fan favorite who came in second place to Season One champ Iain Harrison. Cerino is an amazing shot, and we’ve not only seen his skills on display during Season 1, but in this All-Star Season Cerino has been on fire. He’s made it to the Final Four twice now, and many fans are rooting for him to clench the title this time around.

Brian “Gunny” Zins is the 12-time NRA Pistol Champion, the most times any shooter has won that title. Could this amazing shooter from Season 2 take it all? Not only is Zins a fantastic shot, but he’s also a nice guy with a great laugh and personality. I think the only thing that could get in the way of Zins run for the title is if the FN FAL rifle makes it way back. This is the same rifle that gave Zins trouble in both Season 1, and again in Season 5. Zins finished in second place to Season 2 champ Chris Reed.

From Season 3, Morden is a competitive 3-gunner who has been very consistent this season. Phil finished 6th in his respective season, when he was eliminated by Mike Hughes, who was brought back to life following the resignation of former Navy SEAL Jake Zweig. Mike made it all the way to the final challenge where he fell short against Season 3 champ Dustin Ellermann. It makes you wonder if Phil hadn’t been beaten by Mike, could Phil have gone up against Dustin in the finale?

Another Season 3 competitor, Gary made it into the Final Four just like Zins and Cerino. Gary was eliminated in the “Choose Your Shot” challenge at the bar, where he just barely missed his pistol shot at a jam jar at 50 feet. I’m sure that shot has stuck with him for years, and he’s been itching for redemption. Gary has mentioned a few times this season that staying focused in the moment is one of the key aspects to winning. I can definitively say that I agree with him. Will Gary be able to stay focused in the moment, while also keeping his eye on the prize?

So there you have it, the Final Four competitors for Season 5. In their respective seasons, three of them made it to the Final Four, and two of them finished in second place. The final episode of Top Shot will feature some really difficult challenges, and you’re in for a really fun ride seeing who will win the $100,000, a Tahoe Q5i speed boat, and the title of “Top Shot.”

Who do you think will win it all and why? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

The Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars season finale airs tomorrow, Wednesday August 28th at 10PM EST on The History Channel. If you have a satellite feed, you can catch the East Coast feed which is what I’ll be doing here in California.

Don’t forget to stay off social media until you’ve watched the final episode. Nothing like reading a Facebook/Twitter post to spoil things!

About Chris Cheng:
After winning History Channel’s Top Shot competition, Chris Cheng left a cushy job at Google to go have some fun as a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops. Chris shoots in USPSA, IDPA, and 3-gun competitions across the country, and visit Bass Pro stores for appearances and weapons demos. He is a Staff Writer at The Firearm Blog and now on his own blog, `Top Shot Chris’, where I share my experiences in this new career path.www.topshotchris.com

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We enjoyed the Top Shots programs in the past, but season 5, the guys were rude to Jamie, specially George, he was arrogant and so made the show not as good to watch, Jamie showed to be the better man out of all of them, the way he handled, what seemed like everyone ganging up on him! Jamie was a good competitor. Love the show, but if more of the contestants are like George we will chose not to watch anymore
Thank you


I really love Top Shot. I try not to miss a single episode .

When is season 6 going to start? I don’t want to miss day one.