Caught On Camera: Cop Kicks, Confiscates Pro-2nd Amendment Sign

Somers, NY Police Department caught in the act
Somers, NY Police Department caught in the Act
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  A police officer from Somers Police Department in New York has been caught kicking and then taking a pro-Second Amendment sign from the yard of Jon Gibson of Lake Lincolndale, New York.

Gibson's sign said, “Protect the Second Amendment,” with a silhouette of an AR-15 across the top.

It had been stolen three times previously, so Gibson installed a camera on his rural property to catch the culprit. He said he was shocked that his camera captured photos of an officer in uniform kicking and then taking the sign.

Speaking to Fox News, Gibson said: “I was in total disbelief to see such criminal behavior from a law enforcement officer.”

Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy says the sign was taken down because it was withing 15 feet of the road–a “right of way” violation by city ordinance. She said the photos of the officer kicking the sign were taken when he was trying to loosen it to pull it out of the ground.

Gibson refutes this claim, saying he's never received a citation or warning that the signs were in the right of way. He also said: “This isn't about the Second Amendment. My First Amendment and even Fifth Amendment rights have been violated.” 

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  • 18 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Cop Kicks, Confiscates Pro-2nd Amendment Sign

    1. We can see, that if on this site, if you use certain words, your comment is kicked out. I have had enough of this and am departing this site. It is clear ammoland does not believe in freedom of speech. They have turned into a politically correct site afraid to hurt others freedom but not our freedom of speech. If others feel the same way, they will leave.

    2. Cop on someone’s property with no warrant,trespassing,destroying property, and a half dozen other thins that are breaking the law and claiming to enforce the law. This is the law the gun grabbers want. If the homeowner and shot and killed him, in SC, it would have been his right. That is what this bastard need. I would have killed him before his feet touched the ground.

    3. Don’t blame the police “officer”, he was just obeying orders. That is normally what mercenaries do. And we are assuming that the oath he took when he was hired as a cop included defense of the Constitution. The town might be Progressive, which would make his oath to the Glorious Revolution.

      Police as mercenary enforcers for the Party. This is a key reason why the Party wants to eliminate sheriffs in favor of hired LE. Sheriffs have a duty to the people who elected them, hired muscle does not.

      May this mercenary have nothing but misfortune. May he die a meaningless death, and may his family be left bereft. And may the whole pack of dogs he works with suffer whenever _they_ violate citizens’ rights for hire.

    4. This is what this so called free land has become. And us as a people need to make a decision of what we are going to do about all the NASTY people running our business. I know they think its their government but it still belongs to all of us… History will always repeat it self remember that. so its time to take a stand. Remember what the students did in the early 70’s…there has to be blood shed to change shit in this country…Good luck…

    5. This is the first sign of a Police State, watch out more to come. One of Obummer’s right hand men. This idiot should have been reprimanded but what do you expect from Police in Washington DC.

    6. This is the current trend with cops, they try to legislate respect to the officers but “You have to earn respect. Actions like this does not help their cause. This is merely “Obama tactics” to rule without questioning their authority.

    7. If it were my sign, I would have 20 new ones along a line 15 feet, 1 inch away from the road all over my yard. I wonder if this cop runs around taking down for sale signs that realtors put up in front of houses. I don’t remember ever seeing one of those 15 feet away from the road.

      This doesn’t really surprise me considering Somers and Westchester county in general is overrun with liberal nitwits. Worst part is that these same nitwits are slithering into more conservative areas and attempting to spread their poison.

      If you see a Starbucks open up in your neighborhood it’s time to start looking for another place to live because I believe that to be one of the first signs of an attempted liberal foothold.

    8. As a Retired Police officer of 28 years, I want to say this PO brings shame to all law-enforcement officers. He is in violation of the law and as far as this being a violation of the right a way law, this is absurd. A permanent placed sign is a violation but a temporary sign is not. Who the hell maintains this property? the city, hell no. It is still private property and if there is an alleged violation a citation should have been issued and not this nut case at the direction of Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy, who by the way is also and idiot. Get a lawyer and take them all to court for stupidity. New York? What the hell is wrong with you people.

    9. This police officer was illegally trespassing on private property and he was also removing a sign from private property illegally. The sign needs to be returned and the officer should be charged with these two violations. We are free to express ourselves on our own property. The police officer and city officials are all in concert and are acting illegally.

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