I.O., Inc. Relocates Arms Manufacturing Plant to Palm Bay, FL

I.O. INC Arms
I.O., Inc. Relocates Arms Manufacturing Plant to Palm Bay, FL
I.O. Inc Firearms
I.O. Inc Firearms

Palm Bay, FL –-(Ammoland.com)- Palm Bay, FL(August 2013) – Top quality firearms manufacturer I.O., Inc has relocated to Palm Bay, FL.

I.O., Inc. had a need for an increased manufacturing facility, and with the launch of several new products, I.O, Inc. also needed room for an increased customer service department and additional space for a complete barrel production line.

“We are happy about our decision to relocate,” says Uli Wiegand, CEO of I.O., Inc.

“We were able to expand our customer service department and add a complete barrel production line. This building is outfitted with the latest in technology, allowing us to be more efficient as our customer base expands and we prepare for the launch of several new products.”

I.O., Inc. has long been known for solid manufacturing and quality products. With this expansion, I.O., Inc. is preparing to launch several new products like milled AR-15 lowers and the new Commander Size 1911 Venom 45ACP.

For more information on I.O., Inc. visit them online at www.ioinc.us.

  • 8 thoughts on “I.O., Inc. Relocates Arms Manufacturing Plant to Palm Bay, FL

    1. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY FIREARMS FROM I.O.INC. Mr. and I use the term lightly, Weigand is dishonest. I have had nothing bull lies and downright fraud from this company!! This person cares NOTHING ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS! CUSTOMER SERVICE? WHAT A LIE.

    2. In my opinion: Buyer Beware!

      I.O. Inc. or IO Inc. or Interordance of America Inc. or Interordance Inc. or similar variants are all the same company whose president is Ulrich H. Wiegand (aka Uli). Uli has renamed, rebranded and even moved facilities — all to escape his well-deserved reputation for poor quality, poor customer services, and in general, poor business practices.

      Uli’s AKs are a hodgepodge of imported and domestic parts of questionable quality and pedigree. Common problems include: bolt-hold-open issues; hammer/trigger/bolt assembly misalignment; improper rivetting; failure-to-fire (FTF) due to various faulty bolt issues; loose stocks; various misfeeding/cycling; magazine misalignment due to faulty recever fabrication; improper parkerizing/finishing; worn springs, pistons, gas tubes; improper head-spacing; etc.

      Besides posting lavish praises of IO products by fake customers to hide real quality and safety problems with his AKs, Uli even promises — no details in writing though — a lifetime warranty. There is no guarantee IO Inc. will be in business even a year from now.

      Uli is originally from Germany and most people associate German products like Mercedes-Benz with high quality; unfortunately, Uli’s I.O.Inc. is more closely associated with the Ford and its Pinto.

      Finally, You should verify all of the above for yourself before purchasing anything — especially AKs — from Uli and I.O Inc.

    3. Good morning IO Inc,

      My name is Leon Bowman and I am living in Melbourne and I ahve completed an on-line app foe ASSEMBLER with you company and should my skills match those required by IO Inc., please feel free to contact me.

      I will enjoy learning more about the jobs and co.!

      Thank you for the consideration today and I look forward to meeting at any time.

      Leon Bowman via Employ Florida

    4. Thank you for coming to our state. Maybe when your friends come or if future expansion is necessary you will consider Volusia County. At the intersection of two Interstate highways and an Airport with a free trade zone we are an ideal location for manufacturing and distribution. Again, welcome to Florida – glad to have you!!

    5. Chris Rakes:
      You may just be getting your information about Florida and our posture on self defense from the wrong sources.
      Fla. has one of the strongest set of laws in the country protecting citizens right to defend themselves.

    6. if the manufacturer laws are better in FL. i could see the move, but why any firearm manufacturer would move to such a anti self defense state as FL, is beyond me

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