IC2’s Co-Witness Device Shortens Learning Curve For New Hunters & Shooters

IC2 Co-Witness
IC2 Co-Witness
IC2 Co-Witness
IC2 Co-Witness

CENTERVILLE, Iowa –-(Ammoland.com)- Shooters, hunters and firearms instructors can now significantly increase the chances of greater success when hunting, and shorten the learning curve for first time shooters with the new IC2 Co-Witness that allows another person to co-witness the shot.

The IC2 Co-Witness is a picatinny-railed sight mount that allows for the attachment of a non-magnified sight, which is placed in a position offset from one side of any attached optic.

The IC2 will allow an observer the chance to see the same sight picture as the shooter. The IC2 is easy to install and use, and accommodates other devices equipped with a Weaver-style base, such as camera mounts, flashlights and lasers.

The IC2 is constructed of solid, one-piece machined aluminum, is made entirely in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information on how the IC2 Co-Witness works, visit: www.ic2cowitness.com or search “IC2 Co-Witness” on YouTube and Facebook.

About ONE24 Black, LLC: The IC2 Co-Witness is a Centerville, Iowa-based product that is the first in a line of new products in current design and pre-production phases of ONE24 Black, LLC. These products represent independent inventions by the founder and co-founder, Josh Henderson, which will greatly increase the overall success and ethical shot placement of first time hunters, shooters or those with a disability.

ONE24 Black, LLC
828 South 12th Street
Centerville, IA 52544


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From the title, I thought this device was going to be something cool that transmits a view through the reticle to another device (smartphone?). Nope, just a stand-ff to accommodate a second scope. Twice the sight-in process and issues with sync, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.
Believe I’ll wait for the second release.