Boston Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh Opposes AR15 Rifles for Police Arsenal

By AWR Hawkins

Police Ar15s
Boston Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh Opposes AR-15s for Police Arsenal
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Boston Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh (D) opposes a Boston Police Department (BPD) plan to purchase AR-15 rifles for officers.

According to the Boston Herald, Walsh “came out over the weekend” in opposition to the plan to purchase “33 AR-15 rifles… [that] would go to two trained officers in all 11 districts of Boston.”

Walsh’s spokeswoman Kathryn Norton said the Mayor-Elect “is opposed to the AR-15 rifles. Unless otherwise convinced by the [BPD], he does not think they are necessary.” 

City Counselor Charles Yancey echoed Walsh’s sentiments, telling Fox News: “I don’t believe arming [police officers] with ‘assault weapons’ is going to make them any safer.” 

A veteran BPD officer counters this by pointing out that the police can easily be outgunned without the rifles.

Mayor-Elect Walsh is a supporter of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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Even if it is true that occasionally the police armed with only handguns will find themselves outgunned by criminals, the militarization of the police is a bad idea. In this case the solution is far worse than the problem.


In my opinion the police should have an AR15 in their car but the circumstances for actually drawing it should be very strict. Too many police officers today are quick to pull the trigger and kill people because they know the laws protect them. As an example look up Ian Birk who murdered an old man. The man was walking down a street minding his own business carving up a piece of wood. He was hard of hearing and the cop walked up to the old man and gave him 4 seconds to drop the wood carving knife. The old… Read more »


one incident in seventeen years?? I beg to differ but if you watch the news or read the paper at all you will see these types of events happening everyday with suspects having weapons that out gun the police. Not to mention that in rural areas everyone has a rifle or shotgun behind the door in the kitchen or somewhere else in the house. Waiting until there is an incident to run to a gun store is an asinine plan.


one honest to God firefight in 17 years does not justify the build up of local police forces into paramilitary units all over the country. these folks are prepping to take out as many people as they can. be a puss and let them or be ready.


I guess this would be okay if you don’t mind your officers being outgunned. LAPD had been in this situation when two heavily armed bank robbers hit a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood in 1997. They had full auto rifles and body armor. Fortunately, there was a gun store a few blocks away that gave the officers some AR15s. SWAT cannot show up within seconds of an active shooter event.


If more police have the AR, then people will become used to these models.

I have one myself, not military full auto.

Our PD has them too but semi auto model.

All the APC, sniper stuff, ultimate behemoth RV for Command and Control Communications Center, all paid for by grants from the dept of Homeland Insecurity.

I do agree that some police departments are going way overboard with the militarization of their departments.

Like they are prepping for world war III or the Zombie Apocalypse.


Its amazing how stupid the elected officials and press could be! They’ve learned nothing from recent events. I guess the mayor and the Bostonian know what’s best for the people. What is worse still is they don’t trust Bostons finest to have better weapons, just in case. Im sure the mayor has a protective detail. Maybe he should take responsibility for safety of his own pink a$$. Bet he would want the best tools to protect his own. Nope.I hope not. The idiot would be too busy wetting himself. People. Stop voting for these sissies! !!!


I agree with the Mayor, under the circumstances. If the People can’t have AR-15s, the Police should not have them either. The Second Amendment is intended to protect “us” from “them”. Personally, I don’t see why any law-abiding citizen should be prohibited from owning any type of firearm they want. “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” is pretty clear to me but, the idiots in Boston voted for this pathetic A$$ so, they have to deal with his liberal/progressive nonsense. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson from this. I doubt it though. You can’t fix stupid.


thank you Mayor Walsh for your opinion, now why don’t you go back to burning books or 1 of your other activities. training and budget, I will give you that much…… but they don’t have the need for patrol rifles?? Sure, there hasn’t been any examples of why police need patrol rifles….. like take over style bank robberies or school shootings. let’s just give the police 22 pistols and they should be able to handle it with those. don’t expect to make a comment like that here and not get called out on it.


The mayor elect has obviously NOT been involved in a situation against heavily armed individuals, nor does he care about the safety of his police officers AND citizens of Boston.


Good,for the mayor. Even some in major media and elsewhere are getting very concerned about the militarization of police departments. SWAT should have reasonable firepower and most importantly brave people who will go into a hot event and not just surround it and wait like they have in the past wearing enough armor to fight off a tank. Brave fire fighters do it all the time wearing just a thin turnout coat and and a burning building is a hell of a lot more dangerous than a guy with a gun. But from there this militarization of the police needs… Read more »


BPD doesn’t need AR-15s, period.

They don’t have the budget, the need, or the training to be carrying Ar-15s. This is all part of the post-marathon bombing baloney they have been hyping to get extra funds and a pay raise.