Pork Infused Ammunition Maker Opens RETAIL Dealer Program

Jihawg Ammo
Pork Infused Ammunition Maker Opens RETAIL Dealer Program
Jihawg Ammunition
Jihawg Ammunition

Dalton Gardens, Idaho – -(Ammoland.com)- Jihawg Ammo. Famous (infamous) makers of a new pork infused radical anti-Jihadist Ammunition announces their NEW Dealer program is now underway. (seehttp://jihawg.com/dealer-retail-program-discount-pricing).

“Jihawg (pronounced “gee hog”) Ammo is committed to products that support freedom and terminate terrorists. Jihawg’s new retailer dealer program will provide access for gun stores, gun shops, ranges and sporting goods stores who are the lifeblood of our industry. ”

“This program allows these vendors to purchase Jihawg’s unique and high-quality ammunition at dealer discount rates for additional revenue streams.”

Jihawg Ammo is coated with its proprietary pink-pork-paint (pink ballistic paint infused with pork to make it Haraam or unclean to the terrorist). Jihawg Ammo is produced to international S.A.A.M.I. Standards for quality, power and accuracy.

Jihawg also has a growing list of complimentary products to enhance profit margins for dealers. These products include Jihawg’s line of funny and thought provoking apparel, property protection signs, paper and metal reactive targets, koozies and more.

Tongue in cheek, their company president, Brendon Hill, sums up their beliefs pretty succinctly “Our anti-Jihadist motto pretty well says it all, “Peace through pork!”-– Brendon Hill, President South Fork Industries Inc-maker of Jihawg Ammunition.

Jihawg Ammo is committed to protecting the dealer/producer relationship with their MSRP pledge that all ammo sold online by Jihawg remains at MSRP. So if you can’t find Jihawg on your local store shelves ask them to contact Jihawg at [email protected] or purchase directly from Jihawg at our web store www.jihawg.com.

Jihawg Ammunition
South Fork Industries Inc.
6848 N. Government Way #40
Dalton Gardens, Idaho 83815
Phone 208-759-0759
[email protected]
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Rich Hulten

I’m interested in becoming the distributor for south Central Texas.

Jim Towslee

Would like to get some of your JIHawg Ammo in .45 Long Colt and/or .45 ACP.
My Son has a machine shop in Dalton Gardens can would be willing to stop by and pick up a couple of boxes for me or I could order direct depending on the shipping cost.
Please let me know


This will have Obama and Holder crapping their panties. Time to stock up before Obama orders the ATF to declare it jihad piercing and an affront to their women killing, child rapist terrorists brothers.


Is this still available?

Don Doughten

I’d love to have more info on this product and what’s required to market it. I’m a licensed CPL training Instructor.