2014 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day A Success!

2014 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day A Success!
2014 Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day A Success!

Illinois –-(Ammoland.com)- Despite extreme icy road conditions to the south and almost blizzard conditions in the north, on March 5th  2014 several thousand dedicated Second Amendment supporters converged on the State Capitol to lobby their legislators.

Before marching to the capitol, IGOLD attendees were given a judicial update by Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Ex. Dir. Richard Pearson and a legislative update by NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde. The crowd also heard from gubernatorial candidates Sen. Kirk Dillard, Sen. Bill Brady, and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford. Valinda Rowe of IllinoisCarry stressed that we need to work to remove the gun free zones that exist in the current law.

The day wrapped up with a rousing Rally in the Rotunda that included several legislators, Richard Pearson, and Valinda Rowe who led a chant of “Gun Free Zones Are Killing Zones” that echoed like thunder throughout the entire capitol!

If you could not attend, you can view video of the day’s events at these links:

IGOLD Press Conference

IGOLD Rally at the Prairie Capital Convention Center

Other media coverage of IGOLD:

The IllinoisCarry forum was started in April 2004. The idea was that Illinois needed a central location to communicate ideas and information regarding 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois. There are many organizations in Illinois working to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Working with these groups IllinoisCarry has become the central location for information and Action Alerts. IllinoisCarry will not endorse political candidates. We simply provide information so voters can make informed decisions. Our goal is to join the other 48 states that allow their citizens to carry concealed firearms. We encourage you to register on our forum and join the fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights in Illinois. Visit www.IllinoisCarry.com

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Richard Pearson, the man who recruited Otis McDonald for the Supreme Court. NRA lawyers made $1.3 MILLION on that case. Bad gun laws make big money for NRA. When the U.S. Federal Court struck down the IL carry law in Dec. 2012, NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde loaded up sponsor Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 carry bill with Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties, so police criminals like Jon Burge can arrest, set up, and kill armed citizens with legal cover, plus an UNLIMITED privacy waiver,so the State Police can snoop into bank accounts and IRS returns, then share them with the… Read more »

Stu Strickler

Gun free zones are proven killing zones!