Open Letter to Ares Armor Customers Whose Private Info Was Stolen by ATF

Ares Armor Raided
Open Letter to Ares Armor Customers Whose Private Info Was Stolen by ATF
Ares Armor
Ares Armor

Oceanside, CA – -( Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Lycurgan, Inc. Ares Armor
208 N Freeman St
Oceanside, CA 92054

TO: Whom It May Concern
FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor
SUBJ: AB 1014, Gun Violence Restraining Orders
DATE: June 1, 2014

We are now at the beginning stages of the legal fight against the ATF’s tyrannical rampage across the country.

They operate under the assumptions that extortion and robbery are acceptable tools that they may use against the American People.

If you are a customer of Ares Armor, the ATF has STOLEN your name and information out of our database. We intend to get it back.

Again, if you conducted any business with us between February of 2010 through March of 2014 they stole YOUR information. We have since updated our computer systems with encryption but that’s not enough. We want the Court to force them to destroy all copies of the information they took. We are going to go for the throat. The ATF is essentially running secret tribunals that do not comply with APA regulations. We have a regulatory agency that thinks they can pick and choose which regulations they themselves abide by!!!! We have an opportunity to attack the very nature of how the ATF operates.

They are on the clock. First, they must respond to our contest of forfeiture within the next 10 calendar days. Second, they have attempted to hide in the shadows like the cowards they are and have refused to produce documents relating to the Search Warrant they obtained almost 4 months ago. We have been granted a hearing on July 31st 2014 where we hope to get a court order demanding them to turn over the “secret” documents they are hiding. Once we have these documents we can amend our complaint and launch a full on offensive against their illegal organization.

AR15 Polymer 80% Receiver
AR15 Polymer 80% Receiver

They are a force to be reckoned with. They have unlimited funding and resources. We do not. They have caused immeasurable damage to our business and are hoping to bleed us out. We need your help! I am expecting to incur extreme legal fees over the next couple of months. I would love to say that I can stand by myself and win. I cannot without your support. Unfortunately justice is not free in our country.

If you want to see us win this fight, every penny helps. I have cut my own salary to less than minimum wage and am putting every single thing we have into this fight.

I believe in this. Every order placed on our website or in store is greatly appreciated! If you cannot help with money, we understand that times are tough, spreading the word and raising awareness about our plight is also appreciated.

The battle has begun, if you want to see the underdog come out victorious over one of the largest Federal Agencies in existence… I need your help! Thank you all!

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam,

Dimitrios Karras
CEO Ares Armor

Ares Armor Mission Statement:
There are many companies with a long drawn out mission statement about who they are and what charity they donate to. Our Mission Statement is simple, It is the same one we had when we served in the Marine Corps. To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Visit:

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Robert Brown

Good luck!


@Rich – actually, generally accepted cryptographic techniques and ciphers can defeat even the NSA when implemented properly. The ATF is not going to have the NSA’s resources to crack an AES-256 encrypted list of 80% lower purchases, not are they going to spend the time, money and effort in trying to do so. The question still stands as to why this data wasn’t protected to begin with. Regulatory standards such as PCI require that relevant data such as stored credit card numbers already be protected in such a manner, so why was something like sale records not similarly protected, especially… Read more »


Must be a lot of responders on here have no idea of what is required by law for firearms businesses and to blame the bussines for not having taken the precautions that they are so quick to offer in regards to preventing this from occuring. Is certainly a whole lot of ignorant armchair quarterbacking. Who has offered to defray the expense of the so called preventions they offered. They are a gunnstore not the fricking CIA. And its easy to say after the Fact, that the owners should have done this or that. But this is still supposed to be… Read more »


I know this ! When them ATF parasites start showing up at Ares Armor customers houses who bought multiple 80% lowers from them I hope they still have em and didn’t sell em ! This could turn out to be a real bad situation because Ares Armor allowed them to steal them records !


You’re damn sure right it was theft ! But Ares Armor shouldn’t had had nothing for them to steal when they showed up !




Ares Armor should had taken all measures possible to protect their customer files and they failed miserably ! That was their property !!! In the tryannist,liberal possessed jurisdiction they are located in you trust nobody,nohow,noway ! Esp.the Fuc*ing ATF,or any alphabet agency for that matter ! This 80% lower legality issue was their bullshit PC,they wanted those files,..period ! I find it amazing and actually kind of insulting that Ares Armor is actually soliciting donations for legal fees !


No amount of encryption can defeat a government agency. I thought that was common knowledge, and they’ll trace your IT traffic right to your off shore storage. People should be allowed to do business in a free country without hiding their transactions. The sooner “We the People” got off our collective butts and go after them in court or otherwise, the better off all of us will be. They can visit my home any time they wish. There’s nothing illegal here. But if they come at night unannounced, they will get more than they bargained for because I don’t know… Read more »


Don’t blame the fox for being a fox when you didn’t close the hen house door. You did not expect this to happen? How do you stay in the gun business?

Jay Dee

The point is that Ares had their unencrypted data available for theft by government. Were I running such software, I’d see to it all my local liberals were included with fictitious transactions. Wouldn’t your local gun grabber just love it when the ATF SWAT knocks down their front door.


@Procky: Then according to you the ATF has successfully managed to break the law and intimidate the nation. Hiding under your bed are you? Scared that you will lose your home, your family, your income? Good thing you weren’t around in 1775. You would have been forced to decide…Tory or Patriot. Molon Labe.


Let this be a warning to anyone to has been planning to do business with online firearms (or other) vendors. Until our privacy is their TOP concern, and until they can show that they have 100% encryption in place, it would be prudent to suspend all online activity with ANY company.


Ares Armor may well get their original data back but, be certain the the BATFE has copied every byte. Ares, and any similar companies should begin storing all customer information on off site servers, possibly even foreign countries. Everyone who purchased from Ares is now listed and at risk. Intimidation may well have been their intent from the beginning BUT, I would expect more raids on citizen’s homes in the near future. MOLON LABE


Does the ATF consider Ares Armor customers culpable in any of this?


My main question is why weren’t your systems secured against data theft to begin with. Encrypting your data now is pretty much closing the barn door after the horses got out.


You may get it back, but the damage is done!
Copies were made!


What I don’t understand is this ! I watched as this thing unfolded a month or so ago. Ares Armor had a heads up on this raid of at least 10 solid days.Why the hell was there any customer records for the “jackbooted thugs” to steal when they hit ? I hate to say this but they will never prevail at this point in that jurisdiction ! Possession is 9 points of the law under the best of circumstances,which this thing ain’t ! An ounce of prevention and all that sh*t ! I never bought an 80% lower from them… Read more »