Primary Loss Rattles GOP, Who’s Next to Get the Ax?

Message Received? Who’s Next? Was It All About Immigration? Some Conservatives Say “No”
By Liz Peek, is a columnist for and

Eric Cantor
Eric Cantor Speaks with Obama
Liz Peek
Liz Peek

USA – -( Who Are The Voters That Fired Eric Cantor?

Eric Cantor will step down as House majority leader at the end of July, following his spectacular defeat in Tuesday’s Virginia District 7 primary.

Political analysts of all stripes are trying to make sense of Cantor’s shocking upset by a Tea Party nobody.

Because he favored immigration reform? Doubtful, though that’s the narrative Democrats have spun, hoping to capitalize on the downfall of the Number 2 man in the House. A recent poll in Cantor’s district found 70% of Republicans favoring the type of immigration reform being considered by the House.

More likely is that Eric Cantor was so busy on the national fund-raising circuit that he seemed to have forgotten that it was voters in the Seventh District of Virginia who gave him that opportunity. Despite having raised a whopping $5.6 million campaign chest, Cantor was invisible during his primary battle, and his ground-game nonexistent. New Yorkers have seen a lot of Cantor recently; Virginians, not so much.

Rather than a referendum on immigration policy, the sound defeat (56-44) of the fellow expected to succeed John Boehner as Speaker of the House should remind politicians of all stripes not to take their voters for granted. Not that there isn’t a bigger message.

The ground had shifted beneath Cantor; the recent redistricting of Virginia’s Seventh district changed his voter group – making it more rural and tending more conservative. In other words, it had become the kind of district more likely to welcome a candidate like Dave Brat, a little-known economics professor who championed the “little guy.”

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7 years ago

I’m glad to see him gone. Voters need to continue voting smart. I hope voters in other states wake up also.

7 years ago

The “john mccain” traitors GOP is done and over in DC !