Rule of What Law?

By Dennis Dunn
I hope no American will avert his or her eyes.

Rule of Law
Rule of What Law?
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Washington, DC –-( I hope no American will avert his or her eyes from the following unpleasant truths:

1) Last month, the President — by Executive Order — released back onto American streets 24,000 convicted felons from our jails. I understand that the majority were illegal immigrants, with many of them (around 200) doing time for murder, rape, and kidnapping.

2) Last night, as the rule of law continues to erode faster and faster in this country, he broke the law again by releasing from GITMO all of the top five Taliban leaders we had captured in Afghanistan during the Bush years. This was done “as a prisoner exchange” for one low-level U. S. military personnel the Taliban had captured five years ago.

In so doing, he broke a precedent all former Presidents of both parties had held in place: namely, that America doesn’t NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS!

As well he broke the law Congress passed several years back (with big margins in both Parties), requiring the President to give Congress 30-days’ advance notice of any releases from GITMO — as well as assurances in writing that such releases would not do material harm to U. S. interests. Susan Rice assured us this morning that the five prisoners are being released into the custody of QATAR — a nation very sympathetic to the Taliban, by the way. Supposedly, QATAR has promised to hold them for a year. The Secretary of Defense must also sign off on such releases, but Hegel says he will not sign off on this.

3) Eric Holder’s Justice Department continues to transmogrify itself into the Department of Injustice and is starting to file legal actions against those states (like Arizona) that are attempting to enforce FEDERAL immigration laws. Holder is also using his awesome powers now to block individual States from cleaning out the deadwood from their voter rolls. Just think of what THAT portends!

4) The IRS continues to be used as a political weapon against those the President and the Democrat Party consider to be their political enemies.

5) One year ago, the number of illegals crossing the southern border into the USA was about 6500 per month. The U. S. Border Patrol reported last week that the monthly illegal entries has increased ten-fold to 65,000 per month, over the past twelve months. Around 60% – 70% of those, they say, are NON-Mexicans — coming up from Central and South America. The Border Patrol says that, before long, they expect to be totally overwhelmed by this problem. Even now, they are being told simply to put the illegals on busses and disperse them across the country. When the BP is asked what they attribute such a huge increase in the numbers to, the answer they give from the illegal entrants is that they understand the President and the Congress are planning on granting amnesty to all comers: i.e., both past illegals AND future arrivals.

I would submit to you, dear friends, that unless the trends described above are not reversed, America will soon become a nation no longer under the rule of law, burt simply a country under the rule of men. Corrupt, contemptible men! The seeds are being sown right now for the kind of social chaos that Saul Alinsky could only dream of. Obama, of course, while a community organizer, used Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” ( ) as a teaching text. George Soros must be grinning ear to ear as he watches this national drama unfold. Do you recall that, during the first nine months of the Obamas’ tenure in the White House, the White House Visitor Logs showed at least seven separate visits by Soros, himself?

This is not the first country that Soros will have had a hand in bringing to its knees (should they succeed)!

We can only pray that enough Americans will recognize the clear and present danger, and support — this year — with their dollars and their votes — the type of courageous Republican candidates, who, when they get to Washington, will say:

“Enough is enough, no more deficit spending, no more compromise with those who refuse ever to compromise, and finally: This President must be blocked at every turn — if our Republic is to be preserved!”

Let’s start with the very important U.S. Senate election in Mississippi this coming Tuesday!

Dennis Dunn


About the Author
Dennis Dunn graduated cum laude from Harvard University with a major in Romance Languages and earned a Master’s Degree in French Literature from the University of Washington. Now retired, he has been a French teacher, a political party leader, and a securities broker. He is the author of “BAREBOW! An Archer’s Fair-Chase Taking of North America’s Big Game 29” and a life-member of many outdoor-oriented organizations and, in addition to hunting, has a passion for fishing, mineral collecting, skiing, opera, and his wife Karen. Visit:

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Can’t believe you left out the criminal spying on American citizens by the NSA or the DHS checkpoints inside our borders. There’s two alphabet soup agencies that exist as criminal cartels along with the ATF and the DOJ.


Those we elect in government are doing NOTHING to enforce the law against those in executive power. The basic problem is the President has the Attorney General and all of his attorneys on their side and Congress must use private funds to bring legal actions (that is how the system is set up). But with the incredibly lying and selective reporting propaganda media we have the people remain ignorant to what is really going on–just like it was back in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. This is seriously dangerous shit!