They Want Control: Guns are the Latest Excuse

By Rob Morse

They Want Control: Guns are the Latest Excuse
They Want Control: Guns are the Latest Excuse
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –(  Did you read the headline about the good guy with a gun who stopped the bad guy with a gun?

The story was in the small town papers, but these stories seldom make the national news.  They simply aren’t the sort of stories the big media needs. 

First, nothing beats tears and angst to help the big media deliver an audience to their advertisers.  Second, the good guy story doesn’t fit the narrative of helpless people who need the state to take care of them.  It doesn’t fit the story of more gun-control. The big media ignores the dozens of armed self-defense stories each month.

The latest example of this pandering was David Letterman railing against civilian gun ownership.   He said we need gun-control to stop mass murder.  Letterman and Anderson Cooper conveniently ignored that most of our violent crimes, including assault and murder with a firearm, are committed by a few thousand career criminals.  They rejected the solutions that work.  They ignore self-defense and incarceration of repeat offenders.

There are more examples of the gun-control bias.  The spokeswoman of Moms Demand Action said that civilians don’t stop mass shooters.  To quote her directly at 7:23 in this video, she said,

“This (armed defense) has never happened. Data shows it doesn't happen.”

She lies badly and often.  Civilians are much more effective at stopping mass shootings than are the police for a very obvious reason.  Civilians have the huge advantage of time since civilians are usually the first ones on the scene.  Fatalities drop by 85 percent when a civilian intervenes rather than waiting many minutes for the police to arrive.

Here are the statistics if you want proof.  If you want to read the stories example by example, then look here for the last ten times that civilians stopped mass murder.  Look here for the cases in the United States going back to 1949 if you remain unconvinced that civilians stop violent attacks!

The gun-grabbers say they simply want to stop the crazy people from getting guns.  They want to arrest the mentally ill for the violent acts the mentally ill have not committed yet.  If you take the gun-grabbers seriously, then you could remind them that mental illness is a sad and unpredictable part of the human condition.  If you think the gun-grabbers are simply playing the politics of gun-control, then you could remind them that the anti-gun US Senate deliberately tabled legislation to fund mental health programs after the Sandy Hook murders.  Instead, the gun-grabbers doubled down on gun-control laws after this latest murder.  They ignored their failed gun-control policy and the history of increase of violence where we serve up disarmed victims to the criminals and the crazies.

We know what works.  The victims need a good guy with a gun to defend them.  The editor of the law enforcement magazine Police One agrees.  He wrote an article “Mass Killers: Gun Control is Not the Answer- The fault is in the killers not in their chosen weapons.”   Here is one excerpt about the latest mass murderer in California.

“.. for lack of a better word, this guy (the murderer) was “evil.” What made him that way is a question for psychologists and neurologists.  But evil is a hard thing to treat and an even harder thing to contain.. On the day he was born you could have taken away every gun from every law-abiding American and outlawed the manufacture and sale of guns and this killer would have still found a way to leave his mark.  I think this young man was just consumed by hate and had a compulsion to kill.”

He is right.  I know it and so do you.

Tell the anti-gunners they are wrong. ~_~_ About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 5 thoughts on “They Want Control: Guns are the Latest Excuse

    1. Jenn,

      “The US is more lenient when it comes to those things and surprise, the US has fatal car accident rates three times higher than Germany (no, not talking about the sheer numbers, talking about rates. Americans die three times more often in car accidents than Germans).”

      The rate of vehicle ownership is far higher in the United States than in Germany. Look at the per capita ownership rate for vehicles in both countries:

      United States 797/1,000
      Germany 572/1,000

      Now, extrapolate that by the populations of both countries:

      United States 303,922,000 in a country of 9,600,000 million square kilometers.
      Germany 81,147,265 in a country of 356,959 square kilometers.

    2. Jenn–You claim only a small percentage of gun homicides are gang related. That’s not what the evidence shows.

      National Institute of Justice;

      Gun-related homicide is most prevalent among gangs and during the commission of felony crimes. In 1980, the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during arguments was about the same as from gang involvement (about 70 percent), but by 1993, nearly all gang-related homicides involved guns (95 percent), whereas the percentage of gun homicides related to
      arguments remained relatively constant. The percentage of gang-related homicides caused by guns fell slightly to 92 percent in 2008, but the percentage of homicides caused by firearms during the commission of a felony rose from about 60 percent to about 74 percent from 1980 to 2005.

      In NYC;

      The National Youth Gang Survey Analysis reports that gang members are approximately 49 percent Hispanic, 35 percent black and 10 percent white. And while whites are 35 percent of NYC’s population, blacks and Hispanics commit 96 percent of all crime in the Big Apple and 98 percent of all gun crime.


      Columbine Eric Harris – Luvox
      Thurston High, Ore Killed 2 + parents (1989) Kip Kinkel – Prozac & Ritalin
      Winnetka (1988) Laurie Dann (killing 1 wonding 6) – Anafranil & Lithim Paducah, Ky (1997) 14-year-old Michael Carneal killing 3 – Ritalin
      Red Lake Indian Reservation (2005) Jeff Weise killed 9 – Prozac
      Standard Gravure Ky Joseph T. Wesbecker shot 20 workers – Prozac
      Kurt Danysh, shot his own father – Prozac
      John Hinckley shot President Reagan took four Valium 2 hours before
      Andrea Yates, Texas, – Drowned her 5 children her Effexor
      Virginia Tech – Cho – Paxil
      Christopher Pittman – shot grandparents – Paxil and Zoloft
      GlaxoSmithKline paid $6.4 million Donald Schnell murdered wife, daughter and granddaughter – Paxil
      Columbine – 1999 Harris – Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor & Klebold – Luvox
      Arora, Colorado Theater Shooting James Holmes – Sertraline, a generic version of Zoloft & Clonazepam, a benzodiazepine
      Stockton, Calf 1989 Purdy, murdered five children and wounded 30, had been on Amitriptyline
      Sandyhook – Newtown – Adam Lanza – “Fanapt” – antipsychotic
      KIP KINKLE – 1998 – PROZAC.

      All these people has 2 things in common

      The harsh reality is that 76-78% of all crime is committed by the African American population, while most mass murders and/or spree killings are committed by people taking doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals.
      It’s also self-evident that more gun laws will do nothing to deter crime as, we all know, criminals do not follow laws.

    3. Sorry, but you are just wrong. Please educate yourself and have a look at the FBI crime stats. They list perpetrator, victims, age, gender, race, circumstances, (if known motive), perpetrator/victim relation and weapon used in detail.

      The stats show that the overwhelming majority of homicides are committed with guns and that only a relatively small part is gang related. The majority is actually people killing relatives, intimates (spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend), friends, aquaintances and colleagues in crimes of passion, out of jealousy, greed (money) or in fight that escalated.

      So sorry but the harsh reality is that people are unpredictable and some freak out and kill and it is mainly the seemingly good citizen, not the career criminal or gangster.

      It’s ridiculous how certain lobbies keep repeating that claim as if repeating it again and again would make it true when the stats show that the claim is simply false.

      And yes, I think many Americans are sick of homicides and gun crime rates that are several times higher than those of other western countries. Yes, many people want more gun control. It should be common sense, just like “car control” is common sense. Germany for example has the freedom of speed on stretches of the highway but Germany also has very strict traffic laws, high standard driving licenses and tests and mandatory road worthiness tests for everyone. The US is more lenient when it comes to those things and surprise, the US has fatal car accident rates three times higher than Germany (no, not talking about the sheer numbers, talking about rates. Americans die three times more often in car accidents than Germans).

      It is the same with guns. With exception of the UK all European countries allow gun ownership, some even carry in public. But they also have very strict gun reglation laws (you need a license, training, safety regulations are strict, there is a minimum age, mentally ill and criminals can’t own guns and will have it conviscated, guns are not allowed in public in must countries, some have permanent gun registries etc.). And there is a general awareness that guns are effective killing tools.

      The result is that not only homicide rates but gun crime, injury and accident rates of pretty much all other western countries are only a fraction of those of the USA.

      Regulations work, the common sense attitude and the feeling of responsibility towards you fellow man works as well and the positive effect is clear. You can insist on the 2nd Amendment (that has been tampered with anyway) as much as you want, if you reject stricter regulations you reject an improvement (because it can never completely get rid of all homicides and gun crimes obviously) of the situation, simply because you are selfish and stubborn.

      If guns were effective at protecting the general population then the stats wouldn’t show the opposite, i.e. that guns are the main killing tool in homicides that are mainly between “regular” citizens, not career criminals. One would expect to see significantly lower homicide and gun crime rates than in the rest of the western world. Again the opposite is the case.

      Maybe it’s time to admit that not guns per se but the almost non-existent regulations/existing regulations not being implemented and the US’s terrible healthcare system (most western countries have univeral healthcare and health insurance covers therapy) and the resulting untreated mental health problems don’t protect anyone, they cost thousands of lifes and cause thousands of injuries every year and create so much misery.

    4. The last time, where was it?
      An armed civilian challenged the shooter and was killed.

      Let me finish.


      When he had the chance to shoot, he didn’t!
      You can not take a guman alive!!

      You get the chance, you shoot to kill!

      Non of that herro BS of taking him alive!

      You do it naturally. You kill the SOB!

    5. Bloomberg’s OCD working overtime with his Brooklyn Bridge march.

      NY Daily News
      Staten Island gun buyback gets 31 firearms off the streetsThe NYPD-sponsored program, held at the Central Family Life Center in Stapleton, brought in 15 revolvers, seven semi-automatic pistols and a nine rifles and

      Next its knives
      Machete-wielding madman slashes three men outside Brooklyn catering hall Two groups got into a fight inside the Afika House on Bedford Ave. in Flatbush.

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