North Carolina State Highway Patrol Selects SIG SAUER P226 in .357SIG

SIG SAUER P226 in .357SIG
SIG SAUER P226 in .357SIG

NEWINGTON, N.H. – SIG SAUER is pleased to announced that the P226, chambered in .357SIG, has been selected as the new duty pistol of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

After extensive testing, the P226 came out on top for its reliability, accuracy, and durability. The .357SIG cartridge provides the NCSHP troopers with enhanced barrier penetration, which is a key concern for highway patrol duties.

“For law enforcement officers who work around vehicles and safety glass, the .357SIG is a fantastic choice for a duty pistol caliber,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Sales.

“We’re extremely proud to add an agency with the legacy associated with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to the SIG SAUER family.”

Founded in 1929, the NCSHP has more than 1,600 sworn troopers, covering more than 78,000 miles of roadway. SIG SAUER will deliver 1,800 P226 handguns to the agency.

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  • 5 thoughts on “North Carolina State Highway Patrol Selects SIG SAUER P226 in .357SIG

    1. NC had already been using the .357 Sig round for some time. The issue was the M&P in that caliber was not holding up in durability for them. The Sig frame should handle the cartridge better for them. The NCHP issued wheelguns in the past using the .357 magnum cartridge with 125 grain hollow points and wanted similar ballistics with increased capacity in their side arms.

    2. How do you figure? NJ State troopers have proven the .357 sig round to stop a pitbull dead in its tracks.. Also used by the Secret Service.

    3. I jsut purchase the P227 in .45ACP. Didn’t get to shoot it before going out to my ship. Will tell you how I like it when I get back. I think it’s the same frame size as the P226. We’ll see if the Galco holster fits. I’m putting a TLR2 light on it. Should be a great combination.

    4. Finally a semi decent round or the police. I
      would much prefer the .45 round personally, it
      might not have the capacity of the 9mm but you
      do not need to spray hundreds of rounds to take
      out a perp. Less rounds used less damage to the civilians and just knowing that the police are armed with it will make the majority of the
      criminal think twice.

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