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Mini Phantom Remote Series
The Mini Phantom Remote Series
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Traverse City, MI -( Finally, hunters have a wireless, compact and easy-to-use remote game caller.

The Mini Phantom Remote from Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls is great for any game-calling situation. Where this game caller really shines, however, is for the hard-charging predator hunter.

Predators-coyotes in particular-are taking a bite out of deer and other wildlife species all over the country. More hunters than ever are discovering predator calling not just as a new, exciting type of hunting, but also as a vital management tool for their property.

With the Mini Phantom Remote, hunters are ready for any situation by using up to interchangeable Mini Phantom Sound Sticks at a time. That makes a total of 10 sounds available with the push of a button, along with a mute.

Need a variety of sounds for hunting predators? Just slip in two of Predator Sound Sticks and start calling. This remote caller can use any of the Extreme Dimension Sound Sticks, including Whitetail, three Predator sticks, Deer 2, Moose and Moose 2, Bear, Gobbler, Duck, Elk, Snow Goose and Crow.

The Mini Phantom Remote has a 150-yard wireless range and up to 120db volume. The hand-held transmitter has an LCD display with easily navigated buttons, and the receiver/speaker has a telescoping antenna for extended range and a decoy output port.

Features of the Mini Phantom Remote Series Game Caller include:

  • Interchangeable Sound Sticks
  • Up to 150 Yards Wireless Operation
  • Plays Two Sounds Simultaneously
  • Overlaps the Same Sound
  • Up to 120 db of Volume
  • Remotely Operate Three Receivers
  • Remotely Operate Decoy (decoy sold separately)
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Mute Function
  • Holds Two Sound Sticks – 10 Sounds Total
  • External Speaker Output
  • Packed With More Features Than Units Costing Twice As Much

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