Pyramyd Air Hosts Its First Ever Shooting Competition

Pyramyd Air Cup
Pyramyd Air Cup
Pyramyd Air
Pyramyd Air

Cleveland, OH -( Pyramyd Air, the world’s largest Internet airgun retailer, hosted its first ever shooting competition, the Pyramyd Air Cup on October 24-26 at the Tusco Rifle Club in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

This inaugural event drew 50+ competitors from 11 different states. The weekend activities included not only the competition itself, but a demo lane where over 20 airguns were available for people to try out, a banquet and raffle Saturday night, and an awards ceremony Sunday where winners took home thousands in cash and prizes.

Airgun celebrities including Ted Bier of Ted’s Holdover YouTube channel, Tom Gaylord, Jim Chapman and Paul Capello were on hand to meet and greet with all competitors and spectators all weekend. The event kicked off Friday with the Pyramyd Payday Challenge – a fun shoot where competitors got 10 attempts to hit 3 different targets with a 1.5″ kill zone.

Targets were placed at 50, 75 and 100 yards, and all competitors used the same guns to compete with – leveling the playing field. Sydney McDaniel, a 17 year old from Rush, NY made the term “shoot like a girl” a good thing when she hit 7 of 10 targets and won the $200 prize.

Saturday morning started with the offhand portion of the silhouette competition. From a standing position, competitors took aim on 1/10th scale silhouettes with chickens at 15 yards (PCP and Springer), pigs at 25 yards (PCP and Springer), turkeys at 40 yards for PCP (Springer at 30 yards) and rams at 60 yards for PCP (Springer at 45 yards).

This was considered by many to be the toughest of the competitions due to the small size of the targets (the chickens were slightly larger than the size of a quarter) combined with the intermittent gusts of wind downrange.

The Field Target competition, which took place both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, featured the “who’s who” of field target. Reigning US National Champion and Pyramyd Air Field Target Team member, Greg Sauve, former World and US National Champion Paul Cray, four time US National Champion Roz Sumpter, former World and US National piston champion Jeff Paddock, and Former US National piston champion Hector Medina all were on hand to compete.

Sunday afternoon’s award ceremony handed out nearly $10,000 in cash and prizes to top place finishers of the competition. Winners by division were as follows:

  • Pro PCP Division: Tyler Patner* (1st), Greg Sauve* (2nd), Paul Cray (3rd)
  • Pro Springer Division: Ray Apelles (1st), Veronika Ruf (2nd), Hector Medina (3rd)
  • Sportsman PCP Division: Bill Rabbitt (1st), Thomas Himes* (2nd), Dennis Himes* (3rd)
  • Sportsman Springer Division: Eric Brewer (1st), Sam Ventura (2nd), Joe Roberts (3rd)
    (*Denotes tie decided by coin flip)

“Pyramyd Air was excited to put on our first ever Pyramyd Air Cup this October. Our goal was to provide a weekend of competition, camaraderie and fun for the airgunning community. We were pleased with the turnout, and we anticipate the event getting bigger and better next time.” Josh Ungier, Pyramyd Air CEO.

For a full match recap, pictures and top scores for the Pyramyd Air Cup visit or contact the Cup Manger by email: [email protected], or phone: 888-262-4867 ext. 253.

About Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd Air sells airguns, accessories and ammo from AirForce Airguns, Air Arms, Air Venturi, Beeman, Benjamin, Beretta, Browning, BSA, Colt, Crosman, Daisy, Eun Jin, Evanix, Feinwerkbau (FWB), Gamo, Hammerli, Heckler & Koch (HK), IZH-Baikal, Magnum Research, Makarov, Marksman, Mendoza, Remington, Ruger, RWS Diana, Sam Yang, Sheridan, Smith & Wesson (S&W), Sumatra, Tanfoglio, Umarex, Walther, Webley, Weihrauch, Winchester and others. Pyramyd Air provides professional product videos from Airgun Reporter Paul Capello and a daily blog, Pyramyd Air Report , written by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier, a world-renowned airgun writer, expert and consultant. They also provide instructional videos on Airgun Academy and airsoft videos located here on their website.

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wilson gonzalez

Hola .
Quisiera comprar un rifle benjamin marauver 5.5mm como lo puedo hacer para el.envio a mi domicilio en chile.



Air guns they are not the little things they used to be, air guns have grown up, they come in many different calibers and styles, so try your hand at them you just might be surprised what an sir gun can do today. Happy hunting with the air gun.