Savage Arms Combines Accuracy and Value with New Rimfire Rifle Packages

Savage Arms Rimfire Rifle Packages
Savage Arms Rimfire Rifle Packages
Savage Arms
Savage Arms

SUFFIELD, CT – -( Savage Arms combines ease of use, convenience and accuracy in two new ready-to-shoot rimfire rifle packages.

The Mark II FXP in 22 Long Rifle and 93 FXP in 22 WMR both feature a mounted and boresighted 3-9x40mm Bushnell scope.

The combos allow new hunters to go straight from the store to the field and offer a great value with features such as the legendary AccuTrigger.

Savage Arms has worked long and hard to exceed the needs of new shooters by offering scoped-rifle packages that combine ease of use, convenience and accuracy. The company is continuing this track record in 2014 with two new rimfire packages offered at surprising prices, providing its customers with excellent value.

The Mark II FXP in 22 Long Rifle and 93 FXP in 22 WMR are both topped with a reliable, waterproof 3-9x40mm Bushnell scope that comes mounted and boresighted. Shooters need only send a few rounds downrange to confirm their zero—then they’re ready to start plinking or head to the field.

Both rifles weigh 6 pounds. Other specifications include a rate of twist of 1-in-16 inches; overall length of 39.5 inches, and barrel length of 21 inches. They are equipped with a carbon steel, button-rifled barrel; 5-round detachable magazine and a checkered synthetic stock, black matte finish, as well as Savage Arm’s legendary, user-adjustable AccuTrigger. Additional features of the Mark II FXP include an olive drab green colored stock and a bull barrel for enhanced accuracy.

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • 26721 / Mark II FXP OD Green – .22 Long Rifle / $291
  • 91806 / 93 FXP – 22 WMR / $314

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Savage Arms Mark II FXP OD Green .22 Long Rifle
Savage Arms Mark II FXP OD Green .22 Long Rifle
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The Rifleman

Watchdogman. Hopefully you won’t take offense to this, but those were some pretty ridiculous accusations you made, (i.e They build then but forgot to mfg ammo, or failed to coordinate with ammo mfg.) When was the last time you saw “Savage branded” ammunition? and how do you think Savage tests their guns without any ammo? Apparently these were the kind of questions you ask a customer service representative, and if so, then I can see why you would get some pretty stupid answers.


I will never buy another Savage rifle…They build them but forgot to mfg ammo or failed to coordinate with the ammo mfg and consequently I have a very expensive CLUB…Try talking to a customer service rep about this and you get some pretty stupid answers. So good bye Savage.


are you crazy


I have to agree with you Jack.

Richard Falat

Is Savage Arms willing to donate any .22 LR rifles to Boy Scout Rifle Shooting Merit Badge counselors? Boy Scout shooting rules requires us to use .22 LR, bolt action rifles in class. Since BSA does not provide funds or equipment to the counselors who are not adjacent to BSA camps, we must fund these purchases out of our own funds. Having a few more guns would allow us to include more youth in our classes. All of the counselors on my team are NRA certified Basic Rifle Instructors and RSO’s.

The Rifleman

Richard. That’s an interesting proposition you have. However, have you considered the possibility of putting on a fund raiser with promotions from BSA or the NRA? Although it would be great if Savage would consider giving you some of these rifles, you may have better luck in putting on a fund raiser for this purpose, and perhaps you could work out an even better deal on these rifles with one of your local sporting goods dealers? It’s for a very good cause, and I would tend to think they would want to help you and the BSA with this. Just… Read more »