Heizer Defense Shipping the PAR1 ‘Pocket AR Pistol’ in .223

Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol in .223
Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol in .223
Heizer Defense
Heizer Defense

Pevely, Missouri – -(Ammoland.com)- Heizer Defense is excited to announce the shipping of the new PAR1 “Pocket AR Pistol” in .223. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family.

The Pocket Pistol Family currently consists of the PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”, chambered in 45LC/410 & the PAR1 “Pocket AR”, chambered in .223, and the Hedy Jane Empowered line, geared for women.

The pistols are multi-caliber with interchangeable barrels. Accessory barrels and a number of new caliber offerings will be launched throughout 2015.

Eric Polkis, Director of Sales at Heizer Defense noted “The PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol has had an unbelievable response from the industry; as well as from consumers. We have a small IPhone-sized pistol chambered in .223, it is a fun gun to shoot and there is simply nothing like it on the market.”

Tom Heizer, a Principal of Heizer Defense commented “The PS1 has been well-received and we have a strong response for the PAR1 as well. We are adding capacity to keep up with the overwhelming consumer demand and will launch another new revolutionary pistol at the upcoming SHOT Show. We already have orders for this product and expect a great rollout.”

Heizer Defense Pocket Pistols are proudly distributed by its partners AcuSport, AmChar Wholesale, Big Rock Sports, Bill Hick’s, Sports South, and Zanders Sporting Goods.

For more information on the Heizer Defense products, visit www.heizerdefense.com

Heizer Defense is a state-of-the-art, high technology Firearm Company based in Pevely, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

Heizer Defense is an affiliated company of Heizer Aerospace. Founded in 1962, it manufactures fracture critical components for aerospace companies, NASA and the military.

Heizer Defense Engineers apply the same military technology to create high quality firearms.

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Hank you hit the nail on the head.
Thank you Heiser,for creating this.
Can you make one in 54r next.

Kenneth Ashbrook

223 from such a short barrel is going to have really crappy ballistics


At 20 feet it doesn’t matter. Some of us just want to be different and this will be more than effective.


The PAR1 may save your life but you’ll probably be deaf afterwards. LOL


Great, now I suppose the ATF will want to ban 5.56mm green tip on the grounds that it’s a soft armor defeating round that can be fired from a pistol.

Thanks Heizer


Technically 5.56 nato should not be fired in 223 rem chamber due to pressure and throat differences. So , technically a different round .It’s a one way interchange . 223 can be shot in 5.56 chambers.
I would imagine a huge fireball behind the bullet anyway.