ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Agency Practice to Go After Home Made Gun Makers

ATF RUL. 2015-1 Establishes New Rules For Persons Who Machine Unfinished Frames/Receivers.

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ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Agency Practice to Go After Home Made Gun Makers
Reeves & Dola, LLP
Reeves & Dola, LLP

USA – -( The New Year has brought new action from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), who published ATF Rul. 2015-1 on January 2, 2015.

In this new ruling, ATF reverses its longstanding position that persons who machine unfinished receivers on behalf of a customer are not required to have manufacturer's licenses. The ruling can be found on ATF's website here.

I. Background

The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, requires persons who engage in the business of importing, manufacturing, or dealing in firearms to obtain a license from ATF. The term “manufacturer” is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(10) as any person engaged in the business of manufacturing firearms or ammunition for purposes of sale or distribution. The term “dealer” is defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(11)(B) and in ATF's regulations at 27 C.F.R. § 478.11 to include “any person engaged in the business of repairing firearms or of making or fitting special barrels, stocks, or trigger mechanisms to firearms…” This type of dealer is commonly referred to as a “gunsmith.” The marking requirements of the GCA apply to firearms imported by a licensed manufacturer or manufactured by a licensed manufacturer. 18 U.S.C. § 923(i). Firearms altered or manufactured by a licensed dealer/gunsmith are not subject to the marking requirements.

Prior to issuance of Rul. 2015-1, ATF took the position that persons who repair, alter, or manufacture firearms from parts supplied by a customer are not required to obtain a manufacturer's license. ATF allowed such activities to be accomplished with a gunsmith/dealer license on the basis that there was no sale or distribution of the firearms that were altered or manufactured. This position is apparent in ATF Rul. 2009-1, addressing gunsmiths who camouflage or engrave firearms and do not need a manufacturer's license; ATF Rul. 2009-2, addressing persons who install drop-in replacement part on firearms and do not require a manufacturer's license; and ATF Rul. 2010-10, addressing gunsmiths who repair or alter firearms on behalf of licensed manufacturers or licensed importers.

The GCA does not prohibit the manufacture of a firearm by an unlicensed person for his or her personal use. ATF has long recognized this right, most recently in questions and answers on unfinished receivers posted on its website on October 23, 2014 (“Receiver Blanks Q&A's”), see for example question 9. Firearms manufactured by an individual for personal use are not subject to the marking requirements of the law, and ATF has expressed concern over its inability to trace such firearms if they are recovered by Federal, State, or local law enforcement agencies. See questions 6 and 7 in the Receiver Blanks Q&A's on ATF's website.

ATF Wants Your Gun Rights
ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Agency Practice to Go After Home Made Gun Makers

II. ATF Rul. 2015-1

ATF Rul. 2015-1 reverses the agency's longstanding position that gunsmiths may lawfully manufacture firearms on behalf of a customer without obtaining a manufacturer's license and complying with the marking requirements of the GCA.

The ruling also holds that unlicensed machine shops conducting such activities must obtain a license as a manufacturer. ATF reaches this conclusion by interpreting the term “distribution” to include the act of returning a completed firearm to a customer. However, ATF concludes that a distribution occurs only in the situation where the gunsmith or machine shop starts with an unfinished receiver, machines it to the point where it is a frame or receiver that meets the GCA definition of “firearm,” then returns it to the customer. ATF distinguishes such a “distribution” from “traditional services” gunsmiths offer, typically repairing or improving firearms that are already complete weapons or capable of being assembled as such. Apparently these “traditional services” do not result in a distribution when the firearm is returned to the customer because the firearm has not been machined in a manner or otherwise created or made suitable for use as part of a weapon.

Basically, ATF interprets the statutory term “distribution” in two different ways depending on the alterations made to the unfinished receiver or firearm.

Significantly, the ruling comments that allowing licensed gunsmiths to perform manufacturing processes on a frame or receiver on behalf of an unlicensed person would lead to “an absurd result.” The so-called absurd result ATF describes is of firearms that “could be legally manufactured without any markings or serialization by dealer-gunsmiths who could avoid licensing as a manufacturer simply because his/her customer is unlicensed.” The ruling states that such activities run counter to a major purpose of the GCA because it eliminates the ability of law enforcement to trace crime guns.

The last portion of ATF Rul. 2015-1 specifically addresses the use of machining tools by unlicensed individuals. The ruling notes that Federal firearms licensees and unlicensed machine shops may make its machinery available to individuals who bring in raw materials, unfinished frames or receivers, and firearms parts for the purpose of making a functional firearm. The ruling holds that businesses may not avoid the licensing, marking, and record keeping requirements of the GCA by allowing unlicensed individuals to use its machinery to manufacture and assemble firearms. The ruling states that if the business controls access to and use of its machinery, tools, and equipment, then following manufacture of a firearm a “distribution” of the firearm occurs when the finished frame or receiver or complete weapon is disposed of to the customer. ATF states that the businesses would be “engaged in the business” of manufacturing, even though unlicensed individuals may have assisted them in the manufacturing process.

EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver
EP Lowers Polymer 80% AR15 JIG-LESS lower receiver

III. Impact of ATF Rul. 2015-1

ATF's interpretation of the licensing and marking provisions of the GCA will require unlicensed machine shops and licensed gunsmiths who machine receivers on behalf of customers to obtain manufacturer's licenses under the GCA. The ruling will also require that such firearms be marked, recorded in acquisition and disposition records, and transferred in accordance with the Brady law and all other provisions of the GCA. The ruling will also result in a requirement for newly licensed manufacturers to register as manufacturers under the Arms Export Control Act, as required by State Department regulations in Section 122.1 of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 C.F.R. §122.1).

Current registration fees are at a minimum $2,250 per year, a significant sum particularly for small businesses. The combination of fees and government regulation may result in closing of businesses.

The ruling will have a significant impact on consumers who choose to manufacture their own firearms with the assistance of gunsmiths or unlicensed machine shops. Consumers rely on this method of firearms acquisition to save money and, in some cases, to avoid having their names recorded in FFL records that are available to the government.

Only consumers with the equipment and know-how to manufacture their firearms without assistance from others will be able to continue this practice.

IV. Conclusion

ATF Rul. 2015-1 reverses over 50 years of agency practice allowing the lawful manufacture of firearms by gunsmiths and machine shops on behalf of unlicensed consumers. ATF and the Department of Justice argue they are concerned about unmarked and untraceable firearms making their way into commercial channels. As valid a concern this may be, one cannot escape the fact that this “absurd result” has been going on without government intervention since before the GCA was enacted in 1968. Such a dramatic change in position without public input through the rulemaking process may indeed result in litigation and/or legislative action.

However, it is not yet certain whether we will see such action.

The above analysis is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed or used as legal advice. Receipt of this alert does not establish, in and of itself, an attorney-client relationship.

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  • 34 thoughts on “ATF Reverses 50 Years Of Agency Practice to Go After Home Made Gun Makers

    1. Just to be clear…if someone knows for sure…My friends has his own, personal, milling machine/lathe/drill press etc. He is not in business as a machinist he just has the tools for hobby purposes. If I used his tools, without any of his help, but with his permission to complete (that is i supplied any and all parts aside from the tools themselves, and completed all the necessary work, without him being in possesion of said parts or using any of his tools for the purposes of completing MY project) an 80% am I in violation of this ruling? Does the answer change if he IS in business as a machinist but still does nothing except give permission for me to use his tools?
      Seems to read, to me, that the actual work of completing an 80% must be physically accomplished by someone other than the end user in order to be in violation.

    2. Whether you like it or the ATF or not, this rule makes sense within the regulatory framework that exists. Those “engaged in the business” of manufacturing firearms have long been required by federal law to be licensed. If you are taking an 80% receiver and machining it to a finished receiver for a “customer” for compensation you are manufacturing a firearm. It wasn’t a firearm when you started working on it and it is when you are done and you are doing it for monetary or other compensation for a third party. I don’t see how that is not “engaging in the business” of manufacturing.

    3. When are the people of this country going to quite listening to theses Ass-Hats and start hanging them for treason?

      Have you not had enough yet? Or is Football and Crappy Lite beer just that alluring…

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      This jig is simple to use and no machining experience is needed. Completion time using the Phantom Jig will vary between users. First time users can expect to spend between 45 and 60 minutes. Repeat users will see completion times under 30 minutes.
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    5. Sorry what is the difference in the now ruling and of the past. I thought you could not make money off these homemade guns any way.
      by the way what lat is the law are the LBATF going by?

    6. I own in excess of 30 weapons. Custom, OEM, mutts, Frankenstein’s of hand guns and long guns. Many of them I have tens of hours into customization, etc. I compete in 3 gun matches and burn in excess of 1K rounds a month at the range for shits and giggles. Shooting is my sport and honing my skills keeps me fit and frosty. That said, I actually agree and support the BATFE’s position. Its position in no way attacks, changes or limits the Dremel wielding home enthusiast from manufacturing his/her own firearm for personal use. What it does do is give some ability to LEAs and LEOs to trace firearms used in crime(s) or terrorist attacks; you know, the events you very same commenters would be whining about the Feds not doing enough to protect you.
      I personally have a real problem with the companies that sell ‘80%’ lowers, complete with instructions and jig kits to just anyone. What keeps Johnny Jihad and his buddy Haji Harry from buying a 100 of them, finishing them and using them against you and your families? Nothing. That’s what.
      Anyone stating differently needs their head examined.
      So a 50 year belief system was changed/rethought. The problem is? Imagine if long held thoughts on any number of topics hadn’t been reexamined over the years; i.e. Segregation, Civil Rights, Military Doctrine, Tax Codes, blah-blah-blah … you get the point. Besides, there are enough people in legal possession of firearms that shouldn’t be-you know it and I know it. Anybody that argues against that makes my point for me.
      In closing, be it warned here to any of you making a dollar off of ‘80%’ lowers: Understand that the very first time anyone I know is injured; intentionally or accidentally, by a product of yours that was directly sold to someone not otherwise legally allowed to possess a firearm: I will take and own all that is precious and dear to you.

      1. I am not sure what scares me more for the future of this countries views on the 2nd A., the hardcore gun control advocates, or people like you. you are frightening.

      2. What keeps the cartels from buying machine guns and using them on anyone they please. Your reasoning is EXTREMELY flawed. I do believe. That is my personal opinion and give some more examples of what the real issues. Some facts to keep in mind. Restrict are B.S. They know where the guns come from. Tracking them is a NON ISSUE. Why does it matter that much? A MURDERER is a MURDER. Our government is handing out guns as if they were candy in Jordan and Syria. In Britain the violent CRIME in measure per 1000. Those figures are said to be 40-60% by the experts reporting. You people will think these are exageration but if you look this up these are the facts. Those people claim those figures are that low because the stop reporting after the same person is attacked over 5 times. But then agains if you want the muslims vetted before letting them in the country your a racist. Don’t worry after AFTER you have second thoughts the people can VOTE and BREXIT. That will just cure the problem over night? RIGHT!!? Same people wanting background checks and these tighter guns laws want open boarders NO WALLS. And they are being lied to with PROPAGANDA which congress repealed the anti-propaganda acts in July of 2015 with no public discussion as they continue to modify our laws with out any public discussion. Telling these people they will keep them safe. All statistics showing exactly opposite. Australia, Keep in mind those are the countries the USA from to gain her independence. Australia Crime rose over 45% when they took the peoples GUNS. There were more deaths to violent crime the first year than all the mass murders combined. That has continued for 20 yrs. I do respect law enforcement but really cab see no relevance of them being able to track a gun. They can track the gun regardless of whether they have a serial # or not. Or I can’t see where that would make a big difference in following where the gun had been. Law enforce say the main gun suppliers are the same people who distribute the drugs in the cities of chicago Oakland and so forth. In the past a lot of those guns are scrubbed any way. The restriction have never done anything to stop crime in fact what they do. Is keep the criminal safe. they are a safety standard for criminals. Like Gun free zones. I could write a book on reasons for my opinion and would love to Trump go toe to toe with Hilary Clinton on why and who place the demolition charges in the twin towers with engineers and the proof they have of the explosives used to bring both towers and building 7 down. I would very much like to see those criminals brought tojustice and that False Flag attack made public so every one knew the truth about how corrupted the Government is along withthe CIA DEA NSA DHS and the rest of the Cesspool now in D.C.!!!!!!

        1. Serial numbered guns in large are no easier to track than a non marked gun. There are exceptions. The fact is more legal dealers than can be counted lawfully transfer firearms and then file PAPER records of the transaction baring fire or other disaster the dealer holds these records for a number of years. If the dealer no longer pays to be a dealer the PAPER is transfered to the ATF. The ATF has no method, time or resources to dig through these stacks and stacks of paper. Therefor the trail goes cold. Manufacturers to dealers is easy to track for the most part but as stated by another poster, how does that help anything? I crime is committedn prosecute the criminal no matter his method or where the tools of his trade originated. It’s not like they are enforcing firearms laws concerning possession, theft, or use by felons as they should be.
          As far as the ATF and the gunsmith or 80% parts; We are screwing ourselves. For every loop hole or circumventing of a law another law or interpretation is written in attempts to accomplish the goals of the original law. There is no writing of a law that can not be twisted or worked around without total prohibition. Aside from lack of logic, media shading and personal agendas we add full to the fire of burning our bill of rights by working so hard to “beat” the system. I know laws are rewritten to do more than achieve the original goals of the law as well and those we stand to fight against. I like 80% parts and personal use firearms I can also see some jack ass using the exception to turn profits without moral restraint. How can the law be written to weed those out without limitations on individuals and their local gunsmith?

      3. “What keeps Johnny Jihad and his buddy Haji Harry from buying a 100 of them, finishing them and using them against you and your families?”

        not letting then into the country, you bootlicking fool.
        Which part of registration leads to confiscation DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND from Europe, England and Australia?????

      4. Hey genius do you understand that with no serial number knowing which of the 100’s of 80% makers made the chunk of material will be impossible? Or are you going to become Johnny Jihad lawsuit man and go after whoever you feel like?

    7. The ruling I think is solid and the description in the title or explanation via AMMOLAND is fogged.

      The reason this ruling or determination came about is because an attorney was looking for verification of when a non-firearm actually becomes a firearm. The letter that was sent to the ATF was an attempt to not only poke the bear, but make an attempt to circumvent the current legal definition behind the manufacturing of a “Do It Yourself” firearm. With the current language used by the ATF an 80% with no prior machining is not considered a firearm, but if the user or purchaser were to take the 80% home and drill a couple of holes into this, it would then make it an actual firearm. Under a previous ruling by the ATF, one could return the now “Firearm” to a gunsmith to finish the needed work or gunsmithing. This is circumventing the system and completely contradicting . Now don’t get me wrong I am all for pushing the limits and using legal loopholes to assist law abiding Ca folks in exercising our second amendment rights but this was ludicrous. What the ATF has voiced, simply put, was an explanation of how splitting hairs is properly done.

      Better yet!! What this has done for my company’s current legal battle is they have clearly stated that making indentations, drilling, and indexing does not make it a “firearm”. What makes an 80% a firearm is the moment it is readily converted to a functioning firearm via GUNSMITHING or consumer machining NOT exclusively because of extroverted pin guides or color coded guides.

      -Chris Cook, CEO E P Armory

    8. How do we change the system without violence? Non Compliance!! Do not listen to these knuckleheads. Do what you will, let your moral compass be your guide and phuck the ATF. They’re not our damn daddy. We are FREE…remember that folks. FREE people do not ask permission.

    9. there is no such thing as “80% receivers”, It’s either a receiver or it’s not a receiver…
      The atf seem to be trying to ILLEGALLY ban home gunsmithing… you cannot enter a SN, without a company name as it shows on the C2 FFL License. so the ATF is now trying to make a precedence that would require SN on all home build firearms, knowing full well that the avg person does not have the tooling to properly machine the SN into the none receiver, or into a hand made custom built firearm, because the ATF require a specific height/font size and a specific depth. a punch can destroy the firearm, or hand held engraver is not near the required depth… the engravers used to do trophies are not good enough, and laser,, other than ultra high dollar commercial units will not met the ATF requirement. there fore any firearm you or me may legally build would be illegal because we don’t have the tooling to properly enter a SN along with caliber, and manufacturer. once again, the liberal run ATF is trying to set it up so it’s impossible to make or own a home built firearm… only manufacturing companies with FFL’s would have the means in the ATF’s world, can have or build guns, which is an American tradition that’s well over 200 years old…..

      Just remember that every single NFA or gun law here in the United States was started by a democrat. (not one republican)….

      1. In california and most states you can take a gun in and have a number put on it. Or Put and number on it and let the record it. That to me isn’t that big of a deal. But I don’t see any significant deterrent or crime prevention in it. Like Back ground checks they really do absolutely nothing to stop crime. They are a feel good law for law abiding people.How can something that doees nothing but waste time and resources be called common sense. BRAINWASHING IS WHAT IT REINFORCES.


    10. The key language is “control of the equipment” If you go to a machine shop and give them the instructions book that came with the 80% build lower receiver and ask them to help you carve out the extra material then YOU are not building it THEY are in control. If however you go in and “rent” their equipment or get a freebie then YOU are in control and ATF has no say. Suggesting that you need to both own the equipment and possess the knowledge is fine to say but will it hold up in a court of law? It is one thing for any law enforcement to SAY what they will do it is another whole different animal to have the DA or the judge agree.
      Sure you might have some legal bills to pay but if you believe you are right then go for it. No where does it say that self produced weapons need to be created on your own equipment with your own knowledge. I can see you having to do it with your own efforts but not being able to ask for help and actually buying the equipment is a stretch and the ATF knows it as well. This is all their way to cool down EP Polymer’s sales. if enough people get scared he will go away they hope. I doubt he will cower.
      BTW the ATF is a BUREAU hence not an agency in itself. It is a division of a bigger agency and therefore to be able to account for it’s expenses and costs it was chartered as a privately held company of the US Government. Actually this is really common many DC “agencies” are actually not agencies but divisions of agencies. Another few examples I can think of is Medicare and Social Security they are both “companies” owned by the US Gov. Dr Dave

    11. no one will believe me, but i will state it anyway: a woman bears a child- she manufactures it, she makes it. to keep and bear arms, by extension, means that making your own weapons IS allowed by the bill of rights and shall not be infringed upon. when these statutes were written, most people made their own knives and guns.

    12. Since when does ATF have the right to tell businesses what they have to do when loaning equipment? Rented , loaned equipment does not make the owner of the equipment a manufacturer. The user of the equipment is the manufacturer , as cnc machines have other uses than just firearms. Furthermore there was no congressional bill , this is ATF acting on its own , Commerce Clause our Constitution , you know the document government is shredding.

      1. They are using the same self imposed “right” they used to make you and I to purchase health insurance. It’s a “father” knows best mentality by our “big daddy”. All 536 of them.

    13. Soooo the “legality” of the machinist, or machine shop, helping me produce my finished reciever is now going to be operating illegally under this new ruling? The shop will now be considered guilty if they finish the piece for me or just as guilty if they just provide a place for me to piddle. They will be guilty without touching anything? Wow. I smell manure.

    14. We need Congress to remove non exporting manufacturers to be removed from ITAR registration as State dept does not have authority to regulate commerce according to our Constitution . Exporters only should have to be registered. We need Congress to act against the UN Arms treaty that Kerry signed without Congressional approval. The Obama administration still wants to act unlawfully to achieve their agendas.
      The BATFE needs to stop changing policies and just enforce the law . Which includes going after felons that tried to purchase firearms.They need to enforce the drug laws as written, not letting states do what they want. Change the law, don’t say we will just make a policy of non-enforcement. This is selective enforcement of law and not right.

    15. For those in the BATFE “or anyone else” who sincerely believes that their CONstitution, laws, codes, statutes, policies, etc,. automatically apply to the private person just because they are within the fictional borders of a CORPORATE FICTION masquerading as a legitimate government.. CAN YOU PROVE IT!?!?

      Everyone has been told that the CONstitution and law automatically apply to everyone. it is the “alleged” governments collective opinion that it applies, everyone feels it applies, everyone believes it applies, everyone assumes and presumes it applies. HOWEVER;
      hearsay, opinions, feelings, beliefs, assumptions and presumptions aren’t proof of a damn thing.

      What factual, first hand, irrefutable evidence can anyone offer that proves that their CONstitution and laws apply to the private person simply because they are physically in what we commonly refer to as a state.

      Keeping a few things in mind, everyone is presumed innocent of all elements of any allegation made against them, that slavery and involuntary servitude is illegal “per your own laws”. Further, no private person is a party to their CONstitution nor is any private person a signatory to their CONstitution, nor has any private person sworn an oath to be bound by or to obey the CONstitution and laws, codes, statutes, policies, etc..

      Your proof MUST be factual and first hand, you proof/evidence shall not be comprised of hearsay, opinions, beliefs, feelings, assumptions, presumptions, hypotheticals, conjecture, sophistry, fraud, lies, scenarios or what if’s.

      Good luck!

      P.S. I would further point out that the BATFE isn’t actually a REAL government entity!
      Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives
      650 Massachusetts Avenue Nw
      Washington, DC 20226

      Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives
      *******A PRIVATELY held company in Washington, DC.*********

      1. Regardless of any facts, they have more guns than any individual they target and are more than willing to use those guns. That is all the legitimacy they need…in their minds, anyway.

        1. If you or I were to do business in the exact same manner as they do, at the barrel of a gun.. do as we say or we’ll kill you.. would we not be criminals?? then why do they get a pass for their crimes?? they aren’t government, i proved that! They destroy peoples lives and FRAUDULENTLY CLAIM TO BE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT, WHEN THEY ARE NOT!

        2. Hello Goat; Aparantly your not ready to defend yourself from any form of Gov’t Tyranny!!! Sooner of later these Morons will find out that their so-called bravery WILL get their asses Killed by American Patriots such as myself!! In you/my home defensive positions are very importent, I now have mine, look around your home and prepare yours!!

      2. GCA and NFA both “infringe”. The 2nd amendment says, “shall not be infringed”. It make no allowance for “infringing just a little bit”. The only reason the GCS and NFA stand today is because the govt has what it takes to take what you’ve got. That’s the bottom line. It is not right. It is not moral. It is not constitutional. It also does not matter — the govt can do whatever it wants without repercussions and it knows it, demoncrat or rethuglican makes no difference.

        It bears repeating: The founding father’s would have already started shooting by now.

      3. CONspiracy reTARD.

        The fact they they operate on convoluted, ridiculous laws passed by Congress and not yet struck down by SCOTUS does not mean they’re a private corporation owned by the Queen, or the Lizard People, or the UN, or the Jews, or whatever other boogeyman you believe in.

        And you internet tough guys will sh&t your panties and blubber if they ever kick in your door.

        1. Vote this guy out of office……. I am sick of hearing this crap when they are arming terrorists and countries that support terrorists and terrorists acts against the USA. Not mention I have no Idea who flew the planes or Missiles in the the Twin Towers or the pentagon. But I do know there was charges, demolition charges placed in those building prior to those attacks. GW had something to do with bringing those building down on top of fist responders. These people and KILLERS killing People for FUN are not legitimate USA government officials they are frauds. Jerks Imprisoning people who tell the truth. The people need to UNITE put this 2 party system aside as the politicians have and PUT THE CRIMINALS in Prison where they belong. Trump hits on these facts because he knows their true. But I think we will find he is from and working with those people. The Towers and Building 7 were loaded with demolition explosives. That was what brought them down. USA officials were involved in those attacks. I wish some how the people could UNITE and get to the bottom of that before these KILL happy FREAKS start lobbing NUKES around the world. The Killings in the Middle should be stopped. Leave those people alone. If they did anything in the Middle it should start with sanctioning Saudi until they gave their people Human Rights. It is what those people want. Until then they will always have a supply of terrorists to attack us and take our money as they have been doing.

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