McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Introduces Seven New Custom Rifle Stock Designs

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Phoenix, AZ -( McMillan introduces five new hunting and sporting stocks, one tactical stock and one competition stock to its collection.

With these seven new stocks, McMillan continues to offer the widest range of custom rifle stocks on the market today.

McMillan’s New 2015 Hunting and Sporting Stocks:


A very slim straight classic design, this stock is made in the same molds as the Hunters EDGE stock. The Compact is made with conventional fiberglass construction and is available in all McMillan’s molded-in camo and marble gel coat patterns and colors. It is a straight ambidextrous stock that may be used both right and left-handed. It may be inletted for any Remington 700 or Model 7 action in BDL or blind magazine configuration. The Compact is also available for Savage, Sako and Winchester actions in blind magazine only. The slender forend will accept most factory sporting barrel contours and custom barrels up to about a #3 Douglas with a cylinder length of less than 2”.

Remington Safari

This low Monte Carlo stock is designed to fit most shooters with a low mounted low-power safari-type scope. The buttstock has about 3/8” of cast-off and a drop at heel of about 1”. The stock is designed as a “drop-belly” stock specifically for the Sunnyhill drop belly floorplate for the long Remington type actions to give the rifle one extra round of capacity. It is available in both right and left-hand versions.

Tactical Hunter

The Tactical Hunter is a hybrid of hunting and tactical stock designs. It is a modified version of our famous M40A1 HTG stock. The Tactical Hunter has a slightly wider, deeper and more rounded forearm. The forearm has a more pronounced slant on the bottom for height adjustments when used with bags or shooting sticks. This stock is a straight ambidextrous style that may be inletted and used both right and left-handed. It is available with or without an integral adjustable cheekpiece. The Tactical Hunter is available for Remington and Savage type actions.

Game Scout

McMillan’s Game Scout stock is now available for Sako and Winchester/Montana type actions. The Game Scout design is a duplicate of the Remington Classic stock but with the popular A-3 vertical pistol grip. This gives McMillan A-Series stock owners a smooth transition from their tactical stock to a compact hunting stock. It is an ambidextrous stock and can be inletted for most right hand and left-hand actions and for barrel contours up to about a #5 Douglas or Remington Varmint size. It can also be ordered with either integral thumbwheel adjustable cheekpiece or integral clamp bar adjustable cheekpiece. McMillan will continue to offer the Game Scout stock for Remington and Savage actions.

HTG (General Purpose Hunting)

McMillan’s HTG stock can now be used for most Sako and Winchester/Montana actions. The General Purpose Hunting (HTG) is the original M40A1 Marine Sniper Rifle stock as originally designed by McMillan for a heavy barrel Remington 700. It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL (blind magazine), BDL (hinged floorplate), and most detachable box magazine systems. It will take any barrel contour up to a #8. The HTG is available with or without texture on the forend and pistol grip. The HTG stock is available in right and left hand. It can also be ordered with either integral thumbwheel adjustable cheekpiece or integral clamp bar adjustable cheekpiece. McMillan will continue to offer the HTG stock for Remington and Savage actions.

McMillan’s New 2015 Tactical Stock:

TAC-50 A1

McMillan has made several improvements to the original TAC-50 stock. The .50 caliber stock’s forearm is now 5” longer to move the bipod forward for more precise sighting adjustments. The new buttstock has an integral vertical adjustable cheekpiece that is much more comfortable to shoot the rifle with and the pistol grip is a bit slimmer to fit a wider range of hand sizes.

McMillan’s New 2015 Competition Stock:

Super 50 BR

This new .50 caliber benchrest stock features aluminum shoes on the bottom of the forearm and buttstock that are machined true to each other and to the action. The forearm shoe is available in either a 3.5” width or a 5” width. This stock is approximately 44” long and has a forearm about 20 ¾” long from the front of McMillan’s .50 caliber action. This stock has a minimum weight of about 9 lbs. as a light gunstock and a maximum weight of about 18 lbs. as a heavy gun stock. The Super 50 BR is fully ambidextrous and may be inletted and used right and left-handed.

About McMillan Group International

McMillan stocks carry a lifetime warranty and are manufactured in the United States. McMillan Group International is the corporate parent for a family of firearms companies committed to excellence in the firearms industry. Companies include McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, a leading manufacturer of premium custom fiberglass stocks for hunting, competition, tactical, and OEM markets, and McMillan Merchant Solutions, a credit card processing company for the firearms industry. McMillan is located in Phoenix, Arizona. For additional information visit McMillan’s website, or call 877-365-6148.

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dan pawloski

I like the tactical stock look , and was wondering if you make a tactical stock for ruger american rifles, I have one in .223. I am a coyote hunter and am usually prone.