Plant Dunstan Chestnuts Now & You’ll Be Roasting Them in No Time

10-yr-old Dunstan Chestnut Tree
10-yr-old Dunstan Chestnut Tree
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Columbus, GA -( Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… Most know the Christmas song, but few have experienced roasting and eating sweet-tasting chestnuts.

That’s because a blight, a tree disease, wiped out North America’s native chestnut trees. The song reminds us there was a time when chestnuts were a tasty treat. Chestnuts were also the primary, favored food for most wildlife, particularly deer.

Chestnut Hills Nursery has brought the Chestnut tree back to North America with the Dunstan Chestnut. This tree is the result of years of testing and grafting to produce a disease-resistant chestnut that once again thrives in North America. Wildlife managers and hunters love Dunstan Chestnuts because they can plant just once and provide wildlife with highly nutritious food that keeps producing year after year. With all the money and energy spent by deer hunters these days on supplemental feed and food plots, the idea of a one-time investment in money and effort that pays off for lifetimes is the ultimate no-brainer.

The modern obsession with instant gratification may be why Dunstan Chestnuts aren’t already being planted everywhere. Those who haven’t planted these trees likely don’t realize Dunstan Chestnuts grow quickly and bear nuts in only 3 to 5 years, much sooner than oaks that take 10 to 20 years. Dunstan Chestnuts also have wide soil adaptability, and they bear nuts every year unlike most oak species, which produce every other year. They also provide excellent production, up to 2,000 pounds or more per acre.

Dunstan Chestnuts are sweet-tasting nuts that are very high in protein (10 percent) and carbohydrates (40 percent), and they are favored by all wildlife because they have no bitter-tasting tannins like acorns. Field tests by wildlife experts have shown that deer choose Dunstan Chestnuts over all other acorns, even white oaks, because of their low-tannin taste and the nutrition they provide.

Dunstan Chestnuts were tested by Dr. James Kroll, known as “Dr. Deer,” at the Whitetail Research Institute in Nacogdoches, Texas. Dr. Kroll reported, “Even though the wild deer at this location had never seen a chestnut in many generations, they got on the chestnuts within only an hour after we put them out. The deer ate the chestnuts 100:1 over the acorns! Chestnuts are deer’s preferred food.”

Plant Dunstan Chestnuts now, and you’ll be providing a nutritious, very attractive food source for your wildlife that will produce for lifetimes. You might also find yourself filling a bag with Dunstan Chestnuts to take home to roast on the open fire.

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