The Bullet Bunker Sniper II Model: Be the Best-of-the-Best

Bullet Trap Specially Designed for Military and Police Units

The Bullet Bunker - Sniper II Model
The Bullet Bunker – Sniper II Model
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The Bullet Bunker

Norwalk, OH -( The concept of “practice makes perfect” is not a new one, and any shooter can tell you putting the time in is essential to becoming a true marksman.

The right equipment matters too. This is why Bullet Bunker has developed the Sniper II model, a bullet trap created specifically for what highly trained sharp shooters need to train. The Sniper II model has a number of features that have been included with the sniper in mind.

The Bullet Bunker is adjustable and can sit on the ground or cranked up to 6’ 3” tall. Moreover, the unit has large solid tires making it easy to move around indoors or out. Finally, the trap has four retractable legs that are deployed to lend stability. All this means you can create real-life scenarios and change target situations to suit your training needs. Designed to capture whole bullets, safely and reliably, the Bullet Bunker Sniper II model was created to stop the whole family of .308 parent case cartridges plus the .300 Winchester Magnum.

The most environmentally conscience trap, it catches bullets in their entirety meaning no deflections, lead debris, dust or fragmentation. Using the scientific principal of inelastic collision, the face of the bullet trap is self-sealing, which means after firing into the trap there is minimal to virtually no pass through holes visible to the human eye. The face is able to take tens of thousands of rounds being fired into it before needing to be replaced.

With a specially designed rubber face built with layers of ballistic fabric laminated within the rubber, the trap is constructed of a bullet-stopping polyester-nylon blend similar to fabrics used in bulletproof vests. Behind this stands a uniquely engineered medium, which is then loaded into a steel fabricated housing.

Measuring 10″L X 20.5″W X 24.75″H and standing 6’3″ tall with the stand, the Sniper II model weighs 400 pounds. A 2-inch hitch is also available for the model.

About The Bullet Bunker

The Bullet Bunker is the leading manufacturer of bullet traps for indoor and outdoor firing ranges. For personal or commercial use, the bullet traps are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States. The company offers 23 models for virtually any and all types of ammunition. Founded in 2008, the company’s innovation team includes former and current military and law enforcement personnel, who alongside civilian shooters, are dedicated to developing the most advanced, most effective and safest bullet collection and disposal systems, period.

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I was looking at the picture. Does anyone make a guillotine blade that fits that thing?