74 Combined Years of Fish, Game, and Bird Activity Times from Datasport

Datasport Inc. 2015 editions of The DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster and Doug Hannon’s Moon Clock calculator
Datasport, Inc. has released the 2015 editions of The DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster, as well as Doug Hannon’s Moon Clock calculator
Datasport, Inc.
Datasport, Inc.

Atlanta, GA -(Ammoland.com)- Cut the lawn or go fishing? Paint the bedroom or get that turkey you wanted?

You can do both if you pick the right time for each and the 2015 editions of The DataSport Fish & Game Forecaster and Doug Hannon’s Moon Clock calculator are here to help spring anglers, hunters and birders find the best time to have success.

The company has also released the popular apps FishCast and HuntCast 2015 using activity times from The Forecaster, HuntTimes and FishTimes 2015, using peak times from The Moon Clock. Newly designed for the 2015 hunting, fishing and birding season, both Apple and Android apps boast three elements:

  1. Peak activity periods for an extended season through January of 2016;
  2. Weather and Sunrise/Sunset times for any place in the world and
  3. On smartphones only, a flashlight that helps you find your way to the boat or blind in the dark.

“Everyone knows that the best time to go fishing and hunting is whenever you can get the time,” said John Lehman, DataSport, Inc.’s President, “but very few of us have that luxury. So we count on these great products to help us choose the times that we’re more likely to catch fish or see birds, game or any kind of wildlife.”

Finding the best weeks for your fishing or hunting trip is another way in which The Fish & Game Forecaster book and Hannon’s Moon Clock and their respective apps can be of assistance. The theory is that most successful outdoor experiences have been proven to occur during periods of peak activity. We can predict when these periods of peak activity will occur by understanding the effects of the sun and moon on the earth and how these relational movements affect living things. If you could only hunt or fish one day of the week or month for a short period of time, wouldn’t you want to go during a predicted peak of activity?

The Forecaster book also includes 100 log pages to keep track of your success as well as moon phases and apogee/perigee data. DataSport’s website www.datasportinc.com is the place to order The Fish & Game Forecaster and Hannon’s Moon Clock for 2015 as well as find links to the App Store and Google Play marketplace for their apps.

Remember: Pick your times. Peak times…in the woods or at the lake. Other times…work!

About Datasport, Inc.

The Fish & Game Forecast is based on the very same principles as John Alden Knights’ tables except that, because DataSport was one of the very early users of computers, many other factors have been integrated into their forecasts. Our mission is to save you time! Know when to do chores and when to hit the lake or trail.

For more information, please visit www.DatasportInc.com.