Grover Norquist and Mike Hammond to be on Armed American Radio with Mark Walters

Mark Walters
Mark Walters

( Americans for Tax Reform founder and NRA Board Member, Grover Norquist along with former high-level senate staffer and political strategist Mike Hammond join host Mark Walters this week on Armed American Radio.

Host Mark Walters stated, “As 2016 approaches and candidates begin lining up, the attacks from the Democrats against our right to bear arms will no doubt begin to get louder, indeed we’re seeing it already.  I’m looking forward to discussing the issues with these two men – both of whom have vast knowledge of “inside the beltway” operations.  No stone will go unturned as we discuss everything from the threats posed by Michael Bloomberg and his big-money smear campaign against millions of law-abiding gun owners to the massive threat to our rights posed by the Obama Administration’s illegal amnesty initiative.  I hope they’re both ready!”

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I agree Dan. Agent of influence are facts documented and researched by Americans who have dedicated thier lives to serving and protecting our great nation. I will second that challenge and I would also ask Mr. Hammond to inquire about Mr. Norquist’s relationships with these terrorist organizations attempting to bring down our country with the help of the Obama administration.



Jim, Here is a list of individuals who signed a letter stating that Grover Norquist operates front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood: Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey Former U.S. Representative Allen West Lt. Gen William G. Boykin (former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence) Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy Former Special Agent FBI, John Guandolo Former Director CIA James Woolsey Former Commander-in-Chief US Pacific Fleet Adm. James A Lyons Former Inspector General, Department of Defense: Joseph E Schmitz Former Director Strategic Defense Inititive Organization: Amb. Henry Cooper Former CIA Officer: Clare Lopez I challenge you to spend… Read more »


Beck is full of crap on this issue (and unfortunately others as he shoots off his mouth before getting the facts–as presented here). His rant re Norquist is far too late as nearly 90 percent of the ballots have already been mailed in. First any life member can run for the Board in the NRA after they go through a tough pre-ballot effort, etc. Then life and five year consecutive members can vote for members of the board based only on what the candidates supply. Norquist (who I know nothing of other than his tax work) as a life member… Read more »


According the Michelle Bachmann standards, it’s easy to see that “no new taxes” Grover Norquist is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

How can that be true?

Grover Norquist started The Islamic Free Market Institute. That organization has dealt with plenty of foreign nationals that might be members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Maybe it’s time to ask Grover Norquist if he’s a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood with his loyalty oath being a way to destroy America.

Martin Wade

I agree with Bill Sisolak. Norquist states that he is an “agent for change. If Norquist is an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood, or even has dealings with them, that should be out in the open and it is not a change we want.

Dale Fundak

Please ask Norquist about his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood as alledged by Glenn Beck.

I will second this, time to come clean and step-down if he has anything to do with them.

Bill Sisolak

Please ask Norquist about his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood as alledged by Glenn Beck.