Leica Expands Latest Ultravid HD-PLUS Binoculars Lineup with New 50mm Models

Ultravid HD-PLUS 10x50
Ultravid HD-PLUS 10×50


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Allendale, NJ -(Ammoland.com)- Setting the new standard for premium optical performance, the innovative Leica Ultravid HD-PLUS 50 mm binoculars are ideal for hunters seeking unparalleled brightness, power and clarity in a compact design.

Coupled with Leica’s new HD/HT lens and prism elements and coatings, the Ultravid HD-Plus can peer deep into the early dawn or late dusk with brighter images than ever before possible. The new Ultravid HD-PLUS 8×50, 10×50 and 12×50 models are the most compact binoculars in their class. In fact, they’re even more compact than some competitive 42 models.

Using industry-leading glass technologies, Leica created the Ultravid HD-PLUS binoculars with new objective HD/HT glass elements to provide you with the brightest, most crystal clear images, making them ideal for spotting game in low-light conditions. The Ultravid HD-PLUS binocular’s prisms are made from specified and precisely formulated SCHOTT HT glasses, and are created using a new, high-temperature plasma-coating process that deposits thin films of the highest-quality materials on the lens surface. This process allows for increased performance and higher contrast with near-perfect image color.

The new lens and prism glass, along with new proprietary coatings, provide for a considerable increase in transmission of light – up to 92 percent. This increased transmission, particularly in the blue-violet light spectrum, allows for optimum viewing during low-light conditions, when wildlife is most active. The improved light transmission substantially expands the contrast spectrum to bring greater dynamic range. The result is increased image brightness and better color rendition, as well as improved perception of depth.

Boasting all of the outstanding features of the previous Ultravid HD binoculars, the new Ultravid HD-PLUS 50 mm binoculars are constructed from the finest, most durable titanium and magnesium materials. The AquaDura coating protects against water, dirt and fogging, while the robust, rubber-armored construction not only protects the product during rough handling, but it also provides the perfect grip in all situations.

Designed to perform outstandingly under all weather and terrain conditions, the Ultravid HD-PLUS 50 mm models are the natural choice for those seeking bright and powerful optics in a compact, highly durable design.

Sale Prices:

  • 8×50 Ultravid HD-PLUS 50: $2,499
  • 10×50 Ultravid HD-PLUS 50: $2,599
  • 12×50 Ultravid HD-PLUS 50: $2,749

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