New Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults for 2015

Browning Pistol Vaults

( New for 2015 in the Browning ProSteel safe line-up are the Pistol Vault 500 and Pistol Vault 1000. These compact vaults provide real, safe-like security for individuals wanting a more secure location to store handguns.

Feature-packed Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults are built from 10 gauge steel — twice the thickness of most pistol vaults offered on the market — and include safe-like security measures for superior protection from break in.

Security is provided by a recessed lid held tightly by a pair of tough ½” diameter locking bolts. An electronic four-button touch pad controls entry, is easily programmed with a custom entry code and uses eight AA batteries. A unique four-sided key opens the lid in the event the entry code is forgotten or the batteries fail. The pistol vaults also include external electrical contacts for use with a common 9V battery that powers the touch pad (9V back-up battery not included).

Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior. A pick and pluck foam insert is easily customized to fit firearms and other valuables.

The ProSteel Pistol Vault 1000 dimensions are 7 ½” high x 14 ½” wide x 11″ deep with a weight of 25 lbs. Suggested Retail is $219.00.

The ProSteel Pistol Vault 500 dimensions are 4 ½” high x 14 ½” wide x 11″ deep with a weight of 21 lbs. Suggested Retail is $199.00.

For more information on new Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults contact Paul Thompson, Media Relations Manager at [email protected], phone 801-876-2711 ext. 3229.browning-firearms-logo.serendipityThumb.jpg

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mike holliday

I teach concealed carry,some of my students ask about where to and to keep their hand gun in there car or truck when they can not carry in to place there going.Also they want ideas for inside there home. So I could sale or advertise your vaults for auto and home.

Thank You
Mike Holliday