Republican Introduces Bill Revoking ATF’s Power to Regulate Ammo

By AWR Hawkins

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Republican Introduces Bill Revoking ATF’s Power to Regulate Ammo
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On Friday, Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL) introduced legislation revoking the ATF’s claim of power to regulate ammunition via “armor piecing” language in the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA).

The ATF is specifically claiming the ability to regulate ammunition via the “armor piercing” language contained in the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act, an amendment added to the GCA in 1986.

Their current focus is on banning the wildly popular M855 round for AR-15 rifles.

Rooney’s bill would roll back the ATF’s powers to pre-1986 levels.

According to The Hill, Rooney’s bill “would prohibit the ATF or any other federal agency from issuing or enforcing any new restriction or prohibition on the manufacture, importation, or sale of ammunition in the United States.”

Rooney said:

The Obama administration’s [proposed ban of M855 ammo] would unilaterally strip law-abiding hunters and sportsmen of their Second Amendment rights. Congress has made its intentions clear that this ammunition is for sporting purposes and should not be restricted. We cannot and will not stand by while the Obama administration tramples on the constitution, the rule of law, and the Second Amendment rights of hunters.

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Dr Dave

It will never pass in a MILLION years so don’t waste your time contacted your politicians to support it. There will not be ANY law created that frees up ANYTHNG to do with guns that will not be vetoed by the WH. So save our energy and instead start getting your friends family and co-workers to realize the power the Democrats have stolen from the individual all the while tossing crumbs or free food free education and the other tidbits that have created this society of underworked and over taxed lazy folks so far in debt we will never get… Read more »


I have news for ya Rooney, the second amendment is about us having the ability to stop a tyrant or an invasion of a foreign army, the militia act of 1792 ” required every able bodied man” to own and possess a firearm, hunting was the only way of life and could not possibly see a walmart growing all their food on the shelves..I have a God given Right to own and possess any weapon in the arsenal short of a Nuke.. PERIOD!!!!!


How have I been shooting a Colt AR, a Ruger Mini and an XP-100 for the last 25 years without ever firing or even hearing of something thing known as the “wildly popular M855 round?” I wasn’t aware that the places I’ve lived in Illinois, Wyoming, Kansas and Missouri in that time were so far-removed from the beaten track.


Really Dave? That ammo is everywhere, widely available, and is fun to shoot. It has nothing to do with being removed from the beaten track. No matter, this ban is BS, and is simply an attempt to restrict your, and my, 2A rights.


Get rid of the laws that infringe.
As any higher power centerfire rifle will go thru a vest.
After a couple rounds of even .308 will defeat a ceramic plate(larger rounds maybe the 1st time) but then
a head, leg, arm, underarm shot nixes any use of so called body armor.
It’s all a canard as real killers DO NOT CARE ABOUT RULES or LAWS; the fed just wants total control of
We the People= for nefarious un-Constitutional reasons ~!


congress will do whatever Obababama wants. It was proven today with the immigration policy and the failure to defund Obababamacare.


Oh, the hopes and dreams that cartoon inspires!


Rooney may be right, but for all the wrong reasons – what the heck does “hunting” or “sporting” have to do with anything? The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING at all to do with hunting or sporting, it’s all about protecting yourself and your country from aggression from outside, or tyranny from within. And it is really clear, about it. Have you ever gone hunting with a “well regulated militia?”


Well then since you put it that way…I want a missile launcher and a shooting drone, oh and a tank so I can protect and arm myself….2nd amendment right to bear arms says I can have those toys….Smh no regular citizen needs an ar15 period.


Would you want to shoot a 5.56 rifle round in a pistol or even a pistol round if available? I mean you would be so de af you would need to learn to sign. They are Loud. If you do write to the ATF before Mar 16 be sure and don’t joke and don’t attack. They can those immediately. Give your legal basis for objecting and there are some of the online sellers of ammo that will tell you ow too word a down to earth real legit reason.


The reason for objecting is not the 5.56 ban. You see, the 5.56 green tip is currently an EXEMPTION from the law based on how the ATF currently interprets the law. Under the proposed change the new interpretation would mean that exemption is null and void. HOWEVER, the real issue is that ALSO under the new interpretation, 308 and 30-30 two popular deer hunting rounds will be illegal to shoot in CA due to a combination of the ATF interpretation of the law and the CA lead ammo ban. Furthermore, the EPA has attempted action on three different occasions to… Read more »

Matt Tillman

Whether anyone would “WANT to” [emphasis added] fire off a loud round or not has NO bearing on whether government should have any say over whether the citizens can do so. My right to say stupid things is inviolable, even if I wouldn’t WANT to say stupid things.


Won’t pass. If it does, Obama will veto it and there’s not enough supporters to override the veto.


The ATF is a bunch of obama thugs that shouldn’t regulate a damn thing ! I was gonna get my FFL but decided to hell with that too !


>”The ATF is a bunch of obama thugs”

The ATF has been around a lot longer than Obama’s presidency. Most anything the ATF regulates violates our 2nd amendments rights. It’s been true under any administration.


Read the bill! On the surface this seems golden but we’re really getting fucked in the ass on this one.



Where did you find the text? Specifics?


Where did you find that? I looked for more info and didn’t find any, it’s too new.


The Bill Number is H.R. 1180 . Call those congress-critters to vote YES !!


“Their current focus is on banning the wildly popular M855 round for AR-15 rifles.”

“wildly”, or “widely”?