Increased Surface Area of Bullet Bunker Magnum Gives You More Options to Shoot

Safest and Strongest Bullet Trap for any Pistol Between a .22 up to a .454 Casull 500 Smith & Wesson

The Bullet Bunker Magnum
The Bullet Bunker Magnum
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Norwalk, OH -( Solid. Dependable. Safe. When you need the best bullet trap available on the market turn to the Bullet Bunker 44LS Magnum Model to deliver what you need.

With an augmented bullet-catching surface area, the Magnum model is ideal for use with any firearm between a .22 and up to a .454 Casull 500 Smith & Wesson, making it ideal for concealed carry courses/instructors with the extra room to teach first-time shooters. Like all of the company’s bullet traps, the Magnum is designed to be the safest, most durable and environmentally-friendly trap, period.

Providing impressive bullet-stopping power, the Magnum model efficiently captures bullets whole – meaning there are no deflections, lead debris, dust or fragmentation. This makes for the collection, removal and disposal of the collected trapped lead and other debris simple and easy. The innovative team at Bullet Bunker has incorporated a state-of-the-art self-sealing face to the trap, which means after firing into the trap there are minimal to virtually no pass through holes visible to the naked eye. The rubber face is built with layers of ballistic fabric laminated within the rubber, and constructed of a bullet-stopping polyester-nylon blend similar to fabrics used in bulletproof vests. Because of this, the lifetime of the face lasts through tens of thousands of rounds being fired into it before needing to be replaced.

Made in Ohio, the heart of America, the Bullet Bunker Magnum model is built to conform to all city, county, state and federal regulations and can be used in an indoor or outdoor range. The trap measures 12”L X 32”W X 32” H and weighs 500 lbs. Its height with legs reaches 44”.

A set of four 3” casters are also available for the model.

About The Bullet Bunker

The Bullet Bunker is the leading manufacturer of bullet traps for indoor and outdoor firing ranges. For personal or commercial use, the bullet traps are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in the United States. The company offers 23 models for virtually any and all types of ammunition. Founded by Gary Mol in 2008, the company’s innovation team includes former and current military and law enforcement personnel, who alongside civilian shooters, are dedicated to developing the most advanced, most effective and safest bullet collection and disposal systems, period.

For more information on the 44LS Magnum Model (44LSMG44) or other Bullet Bunker products, visit or contact the company at: (419) 660-0228 • [email protected]