Mayor of Baltimore ‘We Gave Protesters Space to Destroy Things’

Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – ‘We Gave Protesters Space to Destroy Things’

Baltimore, MD -( Facing a weekend of protests against the mysterious police-related death of resident Freddie Gray, it is logical that Baltimore authorities would be on edge.

What no one expected is what Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D – MD) admitted in a press conference on Sunday: that she asked the Baltimore Police Department to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

“We work very hard to keep that balance [between free speech and destructive elements], and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate,” she said.

Hear it for yourself around time stamp 7:59.

Looks like she got her wish as at the time of this reporting downtown storefronts were smashed and looted, police cars were burned and a massive fire was raging in downtown. Baltimore as State police and National Guard were taking over for outnumbered Baltimore PD.

To bad citizen of Maryland have had the very tools they now need for self defense made illegal under recent changes to Maryland gun laws.

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eh, it’s baltimore – it was ALREADY trashed before this latest event!


Its always amused me when the negro scum riot they like to torch their own neighborhoods ! Maybe the black trash was given ‘the space’ to torch the negro mayors house down !


I agree with every comment I’ve read, for every black person I saw on television, looting, burning, throwing rocks at the police, there are those few, that makeup for those rotten apples. It’s too bad, there are too many insane, than there are sane. And for this woman, they call Mayer of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings, is another poor example, how many DUMB people vote for idiots, for authority.


She admits that she gave the law breakers free reign to create mayhem and arson.

Now the businesses can file lawsuits against the city for the cost to rebuild their stores
and the insurance companies can recover payments for the destroyed passenger cars.


This Mayor needs to be recalled if election laws permit it.

The mother who gave her hooded son a smack down when she discovered him with the protestors
should run for Mayor to replace the incompetent Mayor.


I can hear her now in her re-election speech. “I promise to give you animals plenty of space to riot whenever you want to do so”. She proves that idiots who vote elect other idiots. Look at obama for further proof. Maybe if the PO-lice and the National Guard started shooting these felons who are committing these crimes the welfare recipients would stay home and collect their checks and food stamps. RESULTS: No more rioting. I hope NONE of the burned out businesses reopen in this toilet of a city. The mayor has driven respectable business owners out of Baltimore.… Read more »


I bet she would not have given white people the same encouragement to riot at the location of their choice. Oh yeah that is right, white people are not animals who would burn their own city.. Some one should charge the mayor with criminal negligence for directing the animals to riot and destroy government property paid for by Baltimore citizens who actually work instead of living on the welfare rolls. Anyone assaulting or burning should be shot on sight and I bet that would stop all this rioting real fast.


Problems like this are best contained at the end of a bayonet .


I wonder if her attitude & philosophy will remain the same as it is now if her property goes up in flames


And this is the same mental midget who complains about the lack of jobs and opportunity in the black community. Yeah, like I’m going to open a business so I can get robbed, burned down, have employees assaulted and pay sky-high insurance to do business in basically a war zone!


I can only hope that those that have lost their lively hood turn around sue this mayor for the damages that have been done, from people that I have talked to parts of old Baltimore went up in flames buildings that can never be rebuilt, I hope this mayor is proud of herself for letting thugs and criminals destroy the place, it will never be the same again. I that ALL law abiding people move out of the state and leave it to the welfare rats and other criminals, hope the mayor can live with what she or it has… Read more »

Carl Stevenson

That such a moron holds public office is a great indication of the intelligence level of the voters.


Well look what the idiots elected for president, 95% of all black voters voted for him, look at what the first black president has done to this country, will that ever make me feel like voting for another one………HELL NO!!


Apparently Democrats are tolerant of anything or anybody but legal gun owners who want to protect their life and property.


It just shows they take care of their own.She would have done the same thing,”back in the day,in the HOOD”


Someone there with some good sense might just consider impeaching this ignorant P.O.S.!!