Celestron’s Elements Line – Perfect Products for the Active Outdoorsmen


Torrance, CA -(Ammoland.com)- Trying to find the perfect Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas gift? A Celestron Elements product will be valued and get use on every outdoor excursion, not stuck in a drawer and forgotten.

Carry a rugged Celestron Elements product with you outdoors, and you will never again be caught without light, heat, or a power supply for your smartphone. The tough, rechargeable, multi-function tools from Celestron Elements provide bright LED illumination, portable power to top off your smartphone or other device, and they provide hand-warmer heat of up to 130 degrees for comfort and safety.

Celestron Elements provide these great features and functionality all outdoorsmen and women will need and use, and the device fits right in your pocket. Built with the outdoorsman in mind, Celestron Elements are rugged and lightweight. Plus, you’ll never have to repurchase single-use hand warmers or disposable batteries. Simply recharge with any USB charging port, and you are ready to go. Unlike chemical based warmers, Celestron Elements provide scent-free heat, perfect for comfort and warmth in the stand without spooking wary game.

Celestron’s lithium ion battery technology is quality tested to last for hundreds of charge cycles. When you purchase a Celestron Elements product, you can rely on top-notch outdoor performance backed by Celestron’s two-year warranty.

Celestron’s Elements Product Line:

Celestron Elements FireCel is an essential multi-purpose tool for any outdoorsman. This rugged device features a dual-temperature hand warmer, a multi-mode flashlight, and a portable power supply for smartphones and personal electronics. A 2500 mAh rechargeable battery provides a full charge for phone and most other devices and three hours of continuous heat. The high quality aluminum shell is rugged enough for outdoor use, and compact enough to fit in your pack, pocket, or glove compartment. You will never want to leave home without your 3-in-1 FireCel. The Celestron Elements FireCel retails for $39.95.

Celestron Elements FireCel+ is the ultimate multipurpose device for the outdoorsman. This rugged 3-in-1 tool also features a handwarmer, a multi-mode flashlight, and a portable power supply for smartphones and personal electronics, and it comes with a large-capacity 5200 mAh rechargeable battery. The large-capacity battery in the FireCel+ provides up to 12 hours of continuous heat. Like the FireCel, the FireCel+ also features a compact, high quality aluminum shell. The Celestron Elements FireCel+ retails for $49.95.

Celestron Elements ThermoCharge is a combination power pack and hand warmer that will keep you warm on the trail, and it will also keep your devices fully charged. ThermoCharge heats up quickly and reaches a maximum of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). The 4400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides up to six hours of continuous heat on full charge. ThermoCharge delivers a full charge on most smartphones, MP3 players, cameras and many other USB-powered devices. Unlike single-use chemical hand warmers, ThermoCharge is safe, scent free, and rechargeable. The Celestron ThermoCharge retails for $34.95.

Celestron Elements ThermoTrek is the ultimate in modern technology for hand warmers. The ThermoTrek provides up to six hours of continuous heat on a full charge. ThermoTrek heats up quickly and reaches a maximum temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). Unlike chemical hand warmers, ThermoTrek can be recharged multiple times. Just plug it into the USB port on your PC or a compatible AC charger using the included cable. The rugged aluminum construction and protective silicone caps make ThermoTrek perfect for cold weather excursions like duck hunting, cross-country skiing, wintertime fishing and mountaineering. The Celestron Elements ThermoTrek retails for $27.95.

Celestron Elements TrekCel 2200 is a 2-in1 device that will keep your electronic devices charged and ready and is also a powerful multi-use flashlight. A 2200 mAh lithium ion battery delivers a full charge to most smartphones, MP3 players, and cameras. TrekCel 2200 goes beyond most portable power packs with the addition of an integrated flashlight. The bright white LEDs operate in four modes: low light, bright light, flashing light, and SOS. TrekCel 2200 fits easily in your purse, pocket, backpack, or glove compartment. The Celestron Elements TrekCel 2200 retails for $29.95

For more information on Celestron Elements and to find a retailer nearby, please visit www.celestron.com.

About Celestron

Celestron has been an optics industry leader for decades, ever since astronomer and company founder Tom Johnson unveiled the game-changing C8 telescope. Celestron strives to continue his legacy by continually developing exciting products with revolutionary technologies.

For more information, please visit www.Celestron.com.

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