Quiet Your Shooting Range with Ocken’s New Strike Plate Dampening Pad

A High Density Rubber Strike Pad For Your Acreage Bullet Catch Handgun Range

Quiet Your Shooting Range with Ocken's New Strike Plate Dampening Pad
Quiet Your Shooting Range with Ocken’s New Strike Plate Dampening Pad
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Omaha, NE -(Ammoland.com)- Ocken Co.‘s new Strike Plate Dampening Pad is a quiet solution to your outdoor range.

The Strike Plate Dampening Pad is made of a 1/2″ thick High Density Rubber weighing only 16.5 lbs. It easily attaches to back of your Acreage Bullet Catch strike-plate with two hangers in only seconds!

This new simple, yet innovative, idea that was born out of feedback from our customers. Many Acreage Bullet Catch owners use suppressed handguns, and wanted a quieter strike-plate. Through much research, we found we could provide resistance to shock (bullet impact) by hanging a blanket of strong lightweight rubber on the back of the strike plate. In turn this provides good vibration dampening, impact absorption and a much quieter impact as well as increasing the longevity of your strike plate!

With all the advancements and innovations in the shooting world, there’s still an argument to be made that many firearms and bullet catches are, simply put, too loud. Considering the massive encroachment of urban sprawl housing developments to our hunting lands, silence has become golden. Over the last decade, hunting has taken a turn in many places from booming shotguns to suppressed air rifles and other quiet shooting means.

Backyard practice needs to be a quiet spot in most suburban settings. Let’s be kind to our neighbors. Discover the Acreage Bullet Catch with the new Strike Plate Dampening Pad.

Shoot Safe – Shoot Quiet – Shoot Green.

About Ocken Co.

Ocken Co. began in 1994 providing high quality innovative products and excellent customer service. Ocken Co. began by providing quality products for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Ocken Co. has also made it’s mark in the non-medical home care field providing DME (durable medical equipment) in hospitals and long term care communities. Ocken Co. is now committed to designing, refining, and marketing the Ocken Brand and the Acreage Bullet Catch. We are also working on similar shooting sports products that we will complete in 2015.

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