Statement On UPS Policy Regarding Shipment of Silencers

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Statement On UPS Policy Regarding Shipment of Silencers
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United States -( UPS accepts for shipment certain firearms, firearms ammunition and firearms accessories as long as the shipments comply with applicable law and are shipped in accordance with company policies.

These shipments must be between licensed manufacturers, dealers, collectors and importers and government agencies, or, where not otherwise prohibited by law, between such licensees and individuals, but exclude consumer-to-consumer shipments. UPS has for many years restricted shipments of silencers or mufflers as part of the company’s firearms and ammunition policy. The company’s general policy is available at the following link:

UPS recently became aware of a shipper that tendered silencers for shipment. Consistent with the general policy, UPS informed the company that it could no longer accept shipments of packages containing those specific products. UPS will engage in discussions with licensed manufacturers about ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regarding the potential establishment of a contractual exception to the general policy under which UPS may ship such products. These discussions will occur on a company-by-company basis and are proprietary.

Q. Why did you change the policy?

A. There was no policy change, UPS has for many years excluded shipping silencers as part of our general policy on firearms and related items.

Q. Why single-out silencers?

A. UPS uses the general policy to ensure that appropriate exceptions are carefully reviewed and documented. The general policy exists because there are different laws state-to-state that ban or restrict ownership of silencers. UPS is sensitive to these different statutes and to the existence of National Firearms Act licensing requirements and the Special Occupational Tax associated with these silencers.

We seek to ensure that our customers have in place adequate managerial controls to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. We understand that 11 states currently ban possession of silencers. We must have reasonable confidence, supported by adequate due diligence, to expect that shipments tendered by our customers comply with all laws governing the contents of the package.

Steve Gaut
Vice President, Public Relations
United Parcel Service

About UPS

Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Today, UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world. We have become the world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Every day, we manage the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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Wonder when they will crack down on 80% receivers, the jigs used to finish them and those new fangled 3D printers that allow Americans to exercise their God given rights without crawling to the federal government first. Hell, I remember when “zip guns” were the scourge of inner citiy neighborhoods. Infringing on the individual freedoms of citizens will never make a dent in criminal activity. “A moral man does not need laws to make him act responsibly, an immoral man will find a way around the laws”. – One of those ancient Greek philosophers.


My BS meter is pegged all the way in the red with their answer regarding the difference between State laws and regulations. Those same differences exist for many handguns and certain types of long guns in very restrictive Northeastern States. Their explanation doesn’t hold water.

Grey Beard

The same goes for the shipping of small arms ammunition.


This issue is a tough one. There are quite a few firearm and ammo suppliers that have particular company policies regarding shipping various products. The ultimate “blame” is not with how these companies cope with the laws but rather how do we attack the existence of the laws in the first place? I unfortunately live in the litigious state of California, wherein politicians compete to see how many personal liberties they can squash per week. I continually run into blanket policies of major companies like Cheaper than Dirt and Midway USA that, rather than pick apart a certain law to… Read more »

Mike in NC

In the case of folks like you, who live in CA; here is step one.
1. Move

Grey Beard

That’s exactly what I did, 14 years ago and counting. Left behind several very good friends that just could not afford to leave. I think of them all the time.
Also left behind a State government – and immigration situation – that were and are TOTALLY out of control. I say “Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.”

Ken Birdsell




UPS teamed up with the government / USPS to deliver packages, so what does that tell you. FEDEX is the only choice.

B. Young

FEDEX does the same thing with USPS


UPS has no idea what is being shipped in 99% of the packages that go through their system. As long as you don’t ship hazardous materials through their air system, it is NO ONE’S business what is in the package you ship.
I am an ex UPS employee and use Fed-EX whenever possible. I encourage you to do the same.