New Trade Deal Threatens The Continued Existence Of Gun Rights & U.S. Constitution

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney At Law

Shameful Capital
New Trade Deal Threatens The Continued Existence Of Gun Rights & U.S. Constitution
The Arbalest Quarrel
The Arbalest Quarrel

New York, N.Y. –-( The events of the last two weeks will be remembered by Americans as the day Congress sold America down the river.

Over sixty members of the U.S. Senate, along with the House of Representatives, voted to give President Obama carte blanche “fast track authority” to enter into trade agreements with foreign nations without need to obtain any input from Congress.

The majority of the House of Representatives, on June 18, 2015, and two-thirds of the U.S. Senate, on June 23, 2015, cast their votes in favor of the “Trade Promotion Authority” (“TPA”), thereby giving Obama exactly what he wanted.

Through the “TPA,” which extends to July 1, 2018, Congress has abdicated its own authority to represent and protect the interests of American citizens as well as many American businesses. With passage of “TPA,” which the President had been anxiously awaiting, Obama will sign “TPA” into law. With that signature Congress has permitted the President to negotiate all trade deals in the name of the American People, without adequate input from Congress.

With passage of “TPA,” having now greased the wheels for implementation of “TPP,” Congress will not have the opportunity to debate the merits of the Treaty, nor will Congress have the opportunity to attach any amendments or make changes of any kind to it; nor will any member of Congress be permitted to use the tactic of filibuster to delay “TPP” or prevent it from being brought to a vote. Congress can do nothing but merely vote “up or down,” for or against the Treaty, as “TPP” is written, as “TPP” is given to it. Congress can do nothing more. Congress has willingly handcuffed itself by granting “fast track authority” to the President — which is precisely what Obama wanted — and, in so doing, Congress has essentially turned its Article I, Section 1 law-making authority over to the Chief Executive. It has done this without a fight, with hardly a whimper of protest.

What makes this all the more ironical and all the more troubling is that both Houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans. Curiously most Democrats are fighting Obama over the “TPP.” Yet, Republicans for their part, except for a courageous few, are in lockstep with Obama on this. Consider: Republicans have consistently, and rightfully, questioned Obama’s judgment on many things in the past. So, why would most Republicans, now, trust Obama’s judgment on a matter that has such all-embracing influence over the lifeblood of this Nation’s economy? Are Americans being played for dupes?

If TPP is enacted, America’s system of laws will become superfluous. International companies will be permitted to contest American laws in foreign tribunals, not in U.S. courts. This means that a decision of a foreign tribunal will have the force of law in our own Country. State Governments and our Federal Government will not only be required to defer to the order of foreign courts and tribunals, but will be required to enforce the laws of those foreign tribunals. This facet of the TPP has received precious little attention but it is, in fact, the cornerstone of TPP. Its importance here transcends trade considerations.

Trade Promotion Authority weakens and displaces the foundation of America’s own Sovereignty by substituting the laws of foreign tribunals for its own.

Where is this all going? As our institutions of law are undermined, our Constitution is invariably weakened.

Also, keep in mind, no other Country on Earth has a Bill of Rights like ours. In no other Country’s Constitution does there exist recognition of the right to keep and bear arms that resides in the citizenry itself.

It is only a matter of time when our Constitution, that has stood the test of time, is cast aside and rewritten in a manner palatable to and consistent with Globalist interests who see, in the implementation of TPP, a steady movement toward the ultimate dissolution of America as an independent Sovereign Nation State.

Clearly, there is nothing to prohibit powerful, ruthless, selfish interests both within this Country and outside it, from taking steps, replacing the Bill of Rights, say, for a new innocuous Bill of Rights conducive to and favorable to the existence of a new International Socialist Order – the existence of which destroys the very fabric of a Nation State, the very fabric of our Nation State, as an independent and absolute Sovereign entity. And, from what we have seen in the recent past, how many members of Congress, do you think, would have the strength and fortitude and conviction to object to that?

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Gerald Fontenot

Our elected politicians by the way are the best that money can buy , have sold the American heritage and way of life that many young soldiers have fought and died to keep down the river and the country that I have loved and would still die to protect and keep has been sold by a bunch of idiots that have betrayed the American freedoms and rights without so much as a slight fight to the socialists of the world that have already shown that their beliefs in a life of utopia cannot and will not work a countless number… Read more »

L.L. Smith

It’s as old as time. When two or more parties can not come to an agreement, the only avenue left is brute force. It will happen here.
There are forces on both sides that will never concede. Welcome to the shindig.


L.L.Smith… “shindig” indeed, sir. Indeed!


With that tpp in place it will give the dictator of this country the ability to carve the nation up like a turkey, you can bet your top brass that right now the thing in the W/H is planning just that, you can also bet that everything that the gun grabbers want will be in the tpp as well. All the way around you can bet your brass that everything that has to do with guns will be stripped from this country, the time is long past to take up arms against a rouge government. He has had this whole… Read more »


Bandit you are absolutely paranoid. Maybe nuts too.


… and CORRECT !


Doug, DITTOS to that, sir… Correctamundo Bandit is, and brainless JohnC is. (IMHbcO of course)