Tomi Lahren Joins Armed American Radio Daily Defense

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren

Armed American Radio

Atlanta, Ga.-( After her anti-Obama rant goes viral, Mark Walters, host of the nationally syndicated Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense broadcasts welcomes One America News Network Anchor and host of On Point, Tomi Lahren to the daily radio broadcast Thursday 7-23-2015.

Host Mark Walters said, “Tomi’s anti-Obama rant went viral and I’m proud to bring her growing and powerful conservative voice to AAR listeners. She proves that the conservative movement, gun ownership and patriotism are not values owned solely by “old, white, guys.”

She is reflective of many young, conservative voters and her voice is fast becoming a powerful one. I’m thrilled to help her spread her conservative, pro-gun, pro-freedom, message.”

AAR and AAR’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters can be heard live by visiting AAR’s Daily Defense airs every day (M-F 4-5p ET, 1-2p PT) Armed American Radio airs every Sunday from 8-11p ET, 5-8p PT in hundreds of cities across America.

The Salem Radio Network distributes AAR. For up to the minute info on both shows and host Mark Walters, please visit and follow mark on Twitter @aarmark @aarradio

Mark Walters


Armed American Radio is the most free-thinking, politically incorrect radio station in the U.S.A. We discuss liberty, self-defense, weapons, family, friends, and life. Visit:

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ben bistelle

I would give anything to have a baby with that fine ass white gurl!


There is a need for her to study American history a little better, if she has studied it at all.

Don Trimble

Please make a comeback on OAN. Fox loses the impact by being too “fair and balanced” and leaning toward the absurd left in the process. Where are you? God bless you, young lady.

al ortiz sr.

Go back to either OAN or FOX but get back on the air-this can’t go on we need you NOW not later !!!!!!!!!!
My wife Mercy and I count you as our daily schedule -We’re retired old people 85 an 86 but you pump up our American Spirit.


You need to be back in TV. May I suggest…Fox News.

Col Dennis R. Motta, USMC(Retired)

Tomi I started watching you on OAN and you are indeed a breathe of fresh air in the news media. I hope this is indeed your new home. Your comments were ” On Point” and your conservative outlook is a great hope for the future of Our Beloved America. I need not comment on BHO because I have never considered him a president and the fact that you upset the news media with your comments on him shows you have hit the target spot on. May you continue to fire straight and true and know there are a host of… Read more »


Dear Tomi, Congrats on your new digs here! In all honesty? I’m here to tell you how disappointed I am that your voice has been silenced since leaving OANN. America was just starting to find you and your refreshing outlook & input to those issues mainstream news media were either afraid to report or were paid not to report. You in a way sold yourself out with this decision. I watched OANN because I found you first. You captured my desire for that fresh of breath air! That’s right! … You had me at hello! Now your voice has been… Read more »


I’ve been missing Tomi. She had become my favorite TV commentator. I wondered what happened to her so I googled her tonight. We need her powerful voice back on TV. Tomi come back.


With all due respect, this is WAAAAY too obscure to make any difference in America. Without any national exposure Tomi’s voice is wasted. Talk about preaching to the choir. Tomi, get over to FOX, or talk radio, or something.

Sharon bratslavsky

Tomi..I got used to watch g yiu at oan news. You had your own shiw. I can’t find you. Are you still at that network. Myself and many people I know are missing you. There was no announcement of you leaving at all. Are you still on oan news. Please advise thank you, you’re a girl on the move for sure

Barbara hart

You are the best and are so missed by all of
U.S. Who value what you have to say
Hope I can find you soon
Best of luck to you and your message
Fondly, Barbara

Marjorie Dodson

Tomi, God bless you in all you do. I just want you to know how much YOU ARE MISSED here in San Diego!!!! Keep up your most powerful message!!!!!
Your fan, Marjorie Dodson


tomi is short for Tommy Gun . sarah is okay but your the better speaker ,. and One Day ,, TYT will become the old turks ,er turkeys will they air them 20 yrs from now? all they have to say is Against the American citizen.
Your data may be flawed or a down right lie . But your concern wins me over (like pirro) Everytime.
sea ya i gotta val moose

Vijay Gupta

Keep up the good work Tomi

mikell l wright

how can we keep up with tomi’s commentary now. some of us didn’t know thet she was leaving oan. please respond


I really miss her! I stumbeled onAON by accident, it was the best mistake i have ever made. Too bad about the problems at OAN .She really needs a large national platform to let this country know that there are young people that being politically correct is actually not in the best interest of this country. She should be heard!

mikell l wright

one of best parts of my day. i dont know what im going to do with tomi’s out look in my every day life.


Hell yes little lady. …..FROM THE ROOFTOPS !!

j. Inyart

Well said Tomi, keep up the pressure. We will need many more of you to bring this country back from the precipice we are on now. Continue to “say it as it is”.

Common Sense Tyranny

Home run Mark. Good call.


Way to go Tomi. You are a breath of fresh air and you are what America stands for.


She is what is needed now. Thank you Tomi and I hope that there are more like you out there.


She is definitely not an old white guy.

Darrel Janssen

She is a great choice Love her comments.


A real american what happened to this country I think we just need to get rid of the anti-American pussys running this country