CENTURY ARMS Announces New TP9SA Crush the Competition Consumer Rebate Program

Crush the Competition Consumer Summer Rebate Program
Century Arms – Crush the Competition Consumer Summer Rebate Program
Century Arms
Century Arms

Delray Beach, FL -(AmmoLand.com)- Century Arms announces the release of their new consumer rebate program for the TP9SA Pistol.

The Crush the Competition Consumer Summer Rebate Program will provide a $25.00 rebate to all consumers who purchase a TP9SA pistol from dealers from July 27 until September 15, 2015. This program encourages consumers to try the TP9SA Pistol and see for themselves why it provides the best value compared to any other 9mm pistol on today's market.

“The TP9SA offers a pistol capable of delivering world class reliability with a price every patriot can afford,” said William Sucher, Century Arms Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “With our additional rebate offer, the TP9SA is more affordable than ever.”

The TP9SA is a 9mm single action, striker-fired pistol. A smooth single action trigger delivers top-notch accuracy and faster than ever follow-up shots. Interchangeable backstraps and aggressive serrations ensure that the sculpted grip meshes comfortably in your hand for even greater control. In addition, the TP9SA boasts a striker decocker that allows for convenient disassembly without the hassle of pulling the trigger to field strip the pistol. Also featured is a cold hammer forged barrel, an ambidextrous top-slide-mounted decocker, fixed 3-Dot steel sights, loaded chamber indicator, striker status indicator, reversible magazine catch and an MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail.

Each TP9SA pistol ships from the factory with two 18 round steel magazines for long term reliability, a holster system, two interchangeable backstraps, cleaning rod, magazine loader, plastic carrying case and a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Spare 10, 18 and 20 round magazines are now available for purchase.

There are only four simple steps to your rebate and becoming a proud owner of the TP9SA Pistol – 1. Visit your local dealer and see how the TP9SA crushes the competition 2. Buy it 3. Download the rebate form 4. Send in the rebate form and proof of original purchase receipt and receive your $25.00 rebate! Now you can take the TP9SA to the range and crush.

For more information on the rebate and terms and conditions, please visit www.centuryarms.com/rebate.

About Century Arms

Century Arms, the premier AK manufacturer in North America, has been in business for over 50 years. We provide quality firearms and ammunition at excellent prices to the American collector and sportsman.

For additional information on Century Arms, visit www.centuryarms.com.

  • 9 thoughts on “CENTURY ARMS Announces New TP9SA Crush the Competition Consumer Rebate Program

    1. I’ve put roughly 800 rounds through my TP9sa. I’ve shot everything from cheap plinking rounds to Hornaday XTP downrange without one single issue. There is no other pistol in the sub $400 price range that can compare to it. In my humble opinion.

    2. I just got the TP9SA right before thanksgiving and love it. Have had several glocks the 17-19-21-23-26-27-30 and the 34 and have sold all but this Canik does all the glocks did with a better trigger and less money. The grips and controls are easier also for its a glock killer

    3. TP9SA is an amazing gun, the trigger is better than the V2, the decocker I actually like and find it as yet another safety feature. This firearm is better than my Glock , loaded with features even if some don’t like them all, loaded with extras that make this firearm easily a choice in the 5 to 6 hundred dollar range. Owner reviews speak for themselves.Like others have said if you’re on the fence about the tp9sa, go for it you will not be disappointed at this price.

    4. They didn’t “dump” the TP9SA, They upgraded the original TP9, because of all the fear and whining about the decocker, which isn’t really an issue. I shoot the TP9SA regularly, and to decock this pistol would be a deliberate act… you have to want to decock it. reviews have shown that the V2 trigger is not as good as the SA, but will satisfy another group of people afraid of the decocker. If a person is thinking about having a TP9SA, go for it, the price is amazing and even more amazing is the pistol.

      1. Yeh the babys out there crying it just shows me the never used one, I love mine never ever a problem.
        Thanks for a great pistol.

    5. CAI is dumping their old version of the TP9SA nd offering a measily 25 bucks to buy it, too.

      The new model, the TPSAV2. has a totally different trigger – one that is like their first TP9

      1. The new version is the TP9 V2 not TP9sa V2. The TP9 v2 is an updated version of the Canik TP9. Prices are comparable for the two as well.

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