Choosing Defensive Ammo ~ Video


USA – -( Accuracy is negotiable; reliability is not. You should put a lot of thought into the selection of your defensive ammo.

First and foremost, that ammo must feed, fire, and eject every time you pull the trigger.

After that, you might want to do some accuracy testing and research some terminal ballistics testing of the ammo you use in a gun substantially similar to yours.

A new column and video series in Concealed Carry Magazine called “Clear Impact” will work to bring you this valuable information, but we can’t test every combination as quickly as we would like.

Kevin Michalowski

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David Freeman

Interesting thoughts, Kevin, especially about testing the ammo in your gun. I’d suggest taking it a step further and looking at the manufacturer’s stats, pick the ammunition in your caliber that has the greatest energy on target. You can use the energy at the muzzle as a comparison, since most people agree that use of force encounters will typically be at close range. Energy on target is a calculation based on muzzle velocity and weight of the bullet and is usually posted on the ammo manufacturers website. It can also be found on various website, easily found by a Google… Read more »


I do not want to tell a prosecutor that I use the same ammo as the police. I would sound like a cop wannabe. I use hollow point ammunition for the same reasons the police use it. It will stop the threat sooner, the goal when faced with imminent death or serious injury (the only circumstance when I would shoot). It is safer because it is less likely than FMJ ammo to pass through the threat or a barrier and injure an innocent person. The threat may have a better chance of survival because it will probably not be necessary… Read more »