Madison ID Sheriff Spends Concealed Weapons Permit Money on Non-CWP Items

$60,000 on items not compliant with 18-3302!

Idano Concealed Weapons March
Idano Concealed Weapons March
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho –-( Before we get to this breaking story we must point out that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) has completed a project to show the wide discrepancies in CWP prices across the State of Idaho.

If all counties are only allowed to charge for the same items, why are the prices different at all?

Here is a video of our project which we did in conjunction with the Idaho Freedom Foundation:

And the good news is that in just a weeks time we were able to get Teton County to lower their fees from $115 down to $64!  They were the highest in the state.

And even better news from Teton is that the Teton County Sheriff even came out in favor of Permitless Carry!  Just the 9th sheriff to do so!

Now onto the breaking news!  The ISAA has obtained documents that show the Madison County Sheriff’s Office spent over $60,000 in CWP funds that he was not authorized to do. Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) money according to Idaho law is only to be spent on CWP actual costs.  18-3302 is the reference.  You can see the Attorney General Letter to Rep. Scott confirming that actual costs are only to be collected on our website at

Here is part of the story here:

The sheriff is defending his expenditures but the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and the Idaho Freedom Foundation won’t let him off the hook!

While Sheriff Klingler of Madison County is a proponent of Permitless Carry we felt that the money being spent against State law was something that gun owners needed to know about.

Please follow the progress of this case on and

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is also happy to announce that we have 5 rallies this fall for Constitutional Carry!  Please check our website for dates and locations.

We are also looking to raise $300 in advertising expenditures over the next few weeks.  Please consider a $5 donation to make that happen on our website!


Your friend in freedom, Greg Pruett, President of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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