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By Rob Morse 

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- ( We’ve all heard this sad song before.

“I would like to help.. but I don’t want to be on a list.”

Sometimes, we’ve even heard it from our friends.  The full story goes something like this.

“I don’t want to be politically active.. or buy a gun for self-defense.. or buy ammunition.. or sign a petition online.. because I could end up on a government list somewhere.”TFHat

This timid attitude of keeping a low profile is inconsistent with current facts.  To use the contemporary vernacular.. I’m calling bullshit on the tinfoil hat theories.

I understand the feeling.  I don’t want the cops at my door because of a gun I bought.  None of us want to get another tax audit from the IRS because of a political contribution we made.  I understand and I agree. The sad fact of the matter is that politicians have already weaponized government.  Government is now a tool used to punish us whenever it suits the politicians.  That is true today, here, and now.  That is precisely why you should become politically active and join me on “the list”.  The reason is simple.  Staying off the list doesn’t matter any longer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a list once the US government can blatantly ignore human rights.  Our guns have failed once government slips into lawless thuggery.  Power hates being constrained.  Big Government politicians want to take our guns and our privacy to silence us.  That is why the very acts we use to push our government back into its proper and limited roll are the same activities that get us onto government lists.

Call it a badge of courage, but get on “the list”.

-Become active with a political party.  I don’t care which one.  Fight from the inside to make the political party act responsibly.  Help them listen to what you say rather than what the political consultants say.

-I want us armed for a simple reason.  It isn’t so we can wage war on the government.  It is so government won’t wage war on us.  I want the politicians to keep talking and never again use the police as a weapon on innocent people.

If government abuse seems too theoretical, then let me offer you a different sort of bargain.  As Tom Gresham asked, “How much would you pay to make a government SWAT team go away if martial law were declared?”  Would you pay $500.. or would it be more like $50 thousand for them to leave you alone?  To the guy who doesn’t want to be on a list, the time to pay is now.  Don’t wait until the government thugs are at our door.

The good news is that we can buy our freedom.  It is available on an installment plan.  All it takes is regular payments of our attention, our money, and our political involvement.  We need to pay now in order to have freedom and a limited government in years to come.  Join the National Rifle Association.  Join the Second Amendment Foundation.  Join Gun Owners of America and support the Crime Prevention Research Center.  I have.  You should.  You’d rather be on their mailing list than the governments.  These organizations provide the political restraints that keep our government in check.

If you want to be involved, but don’t want to be on a list, then contact me, and we’ll work a deal. 😉 I’m on the government’s lists already, so I’ll forward your money.  Or, is the real problem that you like to complain and are simply too cheap to contribute?

elmer fudd
elmer fudd


About Rob Morse: Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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People need to get involved. That is the greatness of a Democracy. Too many times people sit quietly and allow the things to happen that is bringing/brought down our once great country. And yes if they aren’t going to act, then they need to be quiet. …. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein

William M Butler, MSG USA ret

To those who want proof of government force used on citizens, please read your history books. Starting with April 18, 1775, in Lexington and Concord. Ruby Ridge and Waco TX. come to mind, more currently. How about Kent State university in the 1970’s? As for “Clark Kent” and his ilk, I have seen you trolling other firearms sites and no amount of factual information seems to satisfy your endless demands. So I would ask two things of you. Have the intestinal fortitude to use your real name and stop hiding behind “Clark Kent”, cause there is no super side to… Read more »

Clark Kent

Lexington and Concord involved the BRITISH government using force. As to the rest of your ignorant, juvenile diatribe; the truth hurts, amigo. I will continue to demand facts when needed and call out B.S. when I see it. Get used to it. And by the way, I am very pro-firearms and also civil.


Clark …. you must be a rocket surgeon. The Colonial citizens in 1775 were British, you imbecile. Hence their government was the British crown.


I’ll bet this Clark Kent fella is all for killing babies in the womb too. That’s what a liberal stands for …. killing using guns is too slow for them.

Steve Long

“Define ‘weaponized government’. ” ? Guys, did we read the same article? My take away thought from the article, which I’m entirely in prior agreement with, isn’t the fact that the government has weapons. “Weaponized” means turned into a weapon. So when the author mentioned the sad fact that “politicians have already weaponized government…” I believe he was defining the situation in terms of politicians using the government as a weapon against it’s own people. It has absolutely nothing to do with any particular agency possessing firearms.


Steve – I am with you man. That is how I interpreted it. I.E. Turning the IRS on the Tea Party organizations filing for exempt status, Operation Choke Point, etc..


Actually there was a time in America when police departments were not allowed to have firearms. They only had billy clubs. If the police officer need a firearm, they only needed to ask a citizen to help them.

Roy Wilt

Define ‘weaponized government’: This is when the only guns in the country are owned by the Government!

Clark Kent

Define ‘weaponized government’. The police and military have always had weapons since the founding of the country. ‘Never again use the police as a weapon on innocent people’; details as to this claim, please. I support the NRA with my money but no organization provides the ‘political restraints that keep our government in check’. That role (not ‘roll’) is rightly owned by the people. However, the people must first become involved in our political process. At the very least it includes being registered to vote and then actually voting during every election. Most folks in the USA don’t even bother… Read more »


A well considered response. I would elaborate that ‘weaponized government’ refers to the use of police forces to suppress the public through excessive force, though I don’t believe it’s as wide spread as everyone says. For anyone to logically state that all police are jack-booted thugs, as is asserted day after day on the internet for the last few years, we would also have to state that all firearms owners are tin-foil crazies who shouldn’t be allowed in public. The two statements have the same validity. I don’t understand why everyone flamed on you for your response. Apparently both sides… Read more »