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Prepper Press Presents: Oathkeeper by Troy Grice
Prepper Press Presents: Oathkeeper by Troy Grice : http://tiny.cc/g8cw4x
Prepper Press
Prepper Press

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- Post-apocalyptic and survival nonfiction book publisher Prepper Press announces the release of its most recent book, Oathkeeper.

“Until recent times, Calumet County had never been known as a place of killing and violence…”

A peaceful valley in the mountains of Colorado becomes a battleground pitting the federal government against a rural sheriff’s department. Beleaguered Sheriff Bear Ellison finds himself outnumbered, over-matched, and increasingly isolated as he is forced to decide between risking his life protecting a local hero, or reneging on his oath and handing him over to federal prosecutors.


Amazon Reviewer:

“Sadly, this book is VERY realistic and if you don’t find it so – you aren’t paying attention! ‘The Rule of Law’ is on life support in these United States. Good job Mr. Grice in making a good story while provoking thought.”

Joe Nobody, Author of the Best-selling Holding Their Own Series:

“Well-paced with likeable characters, the author manages to put the reader into the midst of the dilemmas…”

From the Author, Troy Grice

Oathkeeper is something of a modern western, a tale of violence and nihilism blended into an Impressionist landscape. The characters are morally conflicted, narcissistic, and flawed (not unlike myself, ha!). I draw heavily on my personal experience and memories when building my characters, especially the antagonists. My bad guys are extensions of the darkest aspects of myself.

All my stories are vehicles for political commentary. Oathkeeper is no exception. Consider yourself forewarned! It’s a statement on the militarization and federalization of law enforcement, and the ever-expanding, paramilitary bureaucracy that exists by exploiting the government-contrived boogieman of illegal drugs. It also addresses the subjective, selective, arbitrary, and contradictory nature of The Law, as well as what recourse we have against it, namely: nullification.

If you are looking for what blogger James Dakin describes as “(expletive)-tingling uber-patriotism,” you will probably be disappointed. There are no invincible Rambos in here, just men struggling to survive and find purpose in the last days of a dying empire.

In the words of my favorite anti-federalist, the prescient Thomas Jefferson:

“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.”

See also, Indivisible: With Justice for Some by Troy Grice.

Order you own copy of Oathkeeper by Troy Grice online at Amazon: http://tiny.cc/g8cw4x

About the Author:

Troy Grice has been an avid reader of dystopian novels and science fiction since his teens. He describes his own writing as “abrasive satire” and “counter-propaganda.” His fiction questions the legitimacy and motives of authority, attacks establishment corruption and hypocrisy, and decries the semi-lucid majority that enables it. For Troy, no institution is beyond reproach. When he’s not working or writing, he enjoys spending time with his family in the foothills near Evergreen, Colorado.

About Prepper Press:

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