Best Low Cost AR-15 Improvement from Accu-Grip

Block fits into lower (no machining), adjustable-grip is screwed into block--all done!
Block fits into lower (no machining), adjustable-grip is screwed into block–all done!

Las Vegas, NV -( Accu-Grip adjustable trigger length AR-15 grips increase accuracy and semi-auto fire volume. The company also has these for AKs.*

Accu-Grip is a unique adjustable grip for the trigger finger hand (strong hand) that creates a greatly improved ergonomic relationship between the shooter and trigger. It accomplishes this by adjusting the distance between the grip and the trigger surface (length of pull). The result is a dramatic increase in trigger control resulting in greatly improved shooter accuracy and fire volume capability.

Accu-Grip makes it easy for the shooter to position their strong hand and trigger finger to the exact position they wish with grip adjustments in 1/10-inch increments. The improved ergonomics make a 6-pound trigger feel and “pull” like a 2-pound trigger due to the improved trigger finger pull dynamics.

Accu-Grip is the single most “accurate shooter” improvement one can make to the AR platform for under $250.00 (not bragging, it is just the truth). The results are quite amazing for such a simple product.

  • INSTALLATION TIME: About 5-minutes if you look at the super-simple instructions; 15 if you don’t.
  • MATERIAL: The patented, all American-made Accu-Grip is molded with tough DuPont Zytel resin and long strand glass fibers, making it tougher than the original AR grips.
  • COLORS: Accu-Grips are available in black, dark earth, OD green and desert sand. Other custom colors can be created in quantity on request. Each grip is includes all parts (3) and a Allen wrench.
  • PRICE: $39.95 MSRP.

Background Information:

All those involved in our public relations operation are experienced shooters (some have won national championships) and all of us have Accu-Grips on our ARs and AKs because they really work! The key to accurate and quick shooting is trigger control. The basic trigger to grip length of an AR is a short 2.25 inches by design so as to fit all those in the military (at the time). This is why many shooters must position their hand and trigger finger somewhat awkwardly to fit the trigger. Adding the Accu-Grip is like going from a pair of near painful tight fitting shoes to nice slippers–you notice the fit difference instantly.

Experienced shooters will tell you correct trigger finger to trigger contact is vital for optimum shooter accuracy regardless of how accurate the particular rifle is.

*Regarding AK platforms. Accu-grip makes grips to fit commercial and surplus AK-47s that have original and original type stamped metal receivers-they will NOT fit milled (machined) receivers.


ACCU-GRIP is a revolutionary custom grip developed for AR15 and AK47 rifles, among others. An ambidextrous grip that actually makes your rifle fit you – as well as improve your ability to shoot accurately.

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My regular stock grips are just. The most important thing to me on all my rifles is the barrel. I only use the highest quality barrels in all my builds. That’s where you get accuracy,the barrel !


I love this grip. Finger placement is so important to a proper shooting position and a repeatable shot. Its also one that is overlooked regularly. I wouldn’t use a different grip on my precision AR set ups.