FaceBook Bans New Jersey Pro Self Defense Petition From Social Media Site

FaceBook Bans New Jersey Pro Self Defense Petition From Social Media Site
FaceBook Bans New Jersey Pro Self Defense Petition From Social Media Site
Citizens For A Safer NJ
Citizens For A Safer NJ

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Facebook has deemed that pro self defense petitions are offensive!

On Saturday, November 14 2015, a petition created by Mr. Christopher Boyle started circulating on Facebook calling for NJ Governor Chris Christie to define “justifiable need” so that the average NJ citizen could apply for and receive a permit to carry a handgun. The petition was created in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Citizens For A Safer NJ, a pro self defense rights organization, saw Mr. Boyle’s petition and decided to start running an ad promotion on Facebook to make people aware of the petitions existence. The ad was submitted and approved by the Facebook Ads Team.

The campaign took off reaching over 33,000 Facebook users, and the number of signatures on the petition grew to over 7,000 people in just 48 hours. We were informed that other Pro Self Defense Rights groups were starting campaigns as well. Late Monday evening (November 17 2105), the petition disappeared from Facebook, and the link to the change.org web site that is hosting it was blocked from being shared, even via the messenger application. Anyone who was sharing the petition through the C4SNJ Facebook page and other pro Rights groups pages noticed the link to the petition was removed as well.

An email was sent to Facebook’s support team questioning why the petition had been removed without warning, but has not been answered.

It seems if you previously shared the link to Facebook directly from change.org, the links were still up. Trying to go back and re-share the link from the above link results in an error message.

Citizens For A Safer NJ encourages everyone to continue to share the link to the petition via email and any other social media platform that has not blocked it.

The petition can be found at this link: https://tiny.cc/z01a6x

About Citizens For A Safer NJ

Citizens For A Safer NJ is A non-profit, Self Defense Rights education and outreach organization. Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/citizensforasafernj/

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GB Baker

STOP using FaceBlow and if enough do they will change!!!!!!!!


Is anyone really surprised that facebook is anti-constitution? How many times do they need to prove it to you? Open your eyes. We all use it, but not shocked when they pull this BS.

Frank G

Oh sure, you can post anything about ISIS you would like. Are they NOT pro gun????

Roger V. Tranfaglia

This suprises you??
Have you noticed that a MAJORITY of news blogs and newspapers will not let you “comment” unless your on FarceBook? Did you see in ANY news site on FB that Zuck is GIVING ALL info about their “members” to the CIA?
Probably not. I’m surprised that there are gun groups still on FB………

C. Anderson

FB is just as bad as obummer, they want to control the good & hug the bad

Daniel Hamilton

Still think this is BS, it’s still on my facebook page, my friends pages, and i can share it with no problem, no one can tell me who decided to blame facebook, or any screenshots, or proof if blocked by facebook…. soooo… i’m a huge 2A supporter, but everyone is jumping the gun blaming facebook with not a shred of evidence


I’m heart broken. But here is what I posted in response to this FB post.
http://www.Patriots1776.com for more than 2 years gun guys have been working on alternatives to FB. Time to start using them.


A politician, a celebrity, a law enforcement officer, a judge,
Your life is not worth any less than theirs. The right to self defense is a natural human right.
Sign the petition.


Keep in mind that Californians, inculcated into believing that gun are bad, run Facebook. Some things that happen with technology are accidental, others not so much.