New Mini Thermal Zoom Imagers from Torrey Pines Logic

New Mini Thermal Zoom Imagers from Torrey Pines Logic
New Mini Thermal Zoom Imagers from Torrey Pines Logic
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San Diego, CA -( Utilizing a FLIR core, Torrey Pines Logic, Inc. has developed a series of affordable thermal imagers that are no larger than a mini red dot sight and now have magnification lenses with 3x and 4x zooms.

The T12s go beyond weapons applications as they are both a commercial infrared camera as well as a “thermal red dot sight” – equally useful in both applications/situations during all lighting conditions, including total darkness. The T12s can be used in variety of search and rescue operations, fire fighting, law enforcement and military detection as well as other commercial applications.

There are four models available: two consumer 9-hz models for residential/hunting/outdoor and two 30-hz ruggedized capable to be used by military/law enforcement models. Two offer video: T12-V (8.33° FOV, 9Hz video) mini-thermal imager models T12-W (12.5° FOV, 30Hz video),

The range and field-of-view for the new T12 thermal imagers is excellent considering their small form factor. The field-of-view and range for the T12-V is 8.33° and 150+ meters. The T12-N has a FOV of 25° and an extended range of 60+ meters. The T12-M sports a 50° viewing angle and 30+ meter range and lastly the T12-W has a 12.5° FOV and extended range of 100+ meters.

The T12 mini-thermal imagers models offer a robust feature set commonly found in more expensive devices. All models offer on-board image processing, manual and automatic NUC (Non-Uniformity Correction) capability, various adjustable color reticles, battery readout and protection, auto power-save and flexible mounting options: Tripod mount/Picatinny rail/user-handle mount and more. All models have multiple display modes: white hot, black hot, NV green and color.

The 9-Hz units are ideal for hunters and commercial uses and are export ready and the 30-Hz units support more sophisticated domestic user needs. For law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue and military, the wide angle units augment agency capabilities conducting search operations

The standard models (T12-V and T13-N) and law enforcement models (T12-M and T12-W) differ in a number of ways: The LE models refresh at 30 Hz, versus 9 Hz for the standard models and utilize a quick detach mounting system. The T12-N and T12-M weighs 50 grams without a battery, with the more longer lens T10-W and V weighing 64 grams each. The weapon mountable T12s are durable enough to handle high recoil firearms such as a shotgun firing high powered slugs. All models utilize a single transverse mounted CR123 battery with 8+ hours expected life. The T12s meet IP67 waterproofing standards, which is 1 meter for 30 minutes.

All four models of the Torrey Pines Logic T12 are available, with the standard models T12-N and M at $599 and $699, the T12-V costing $799 and the LE model T12-W priced at $899.

About Torrey Pines Logic, Inc.:

Torrey Pines Logic provides custom solutions expertise in the areas of optical devices, sensors, image processing, analysis and optical communications. Through its LightSpeed technology, Optical Detection systems and TPS image processing system, it has gained recognition in the military and security communities and has built/delivered custom solutions to government and commercial customers. New products li nes include providing unique optical adapters for GoPro cameras and thermal scopes.

For more information on Torrey Pines Logic’s products, call 858.755.4549 or visit and our social media sites and YouTube channel.

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Bill young

I am looking at getting one of these but I am wondering what kind of recoil it can handle. I shoot a 30-06 and a 7mm mag is that to much recoil for this unit


Hi I just got the t12w for my b day! I haven’t got to use it much yet but I wouldn’t put it on anything that big it’s perfect for pistol, ar ,sbr or sub gun or anything you plan on shooting under 100 yards it works farther but you wouldn’t want to risk not knowing your target, I think it would take the recoil, a shot gun would be ideal but it might have too much recoil, Might not but I don’t wan to risk it, keep in kind it is TINY Like maybe 1in by 1in screen, I… Read more »


has anyone used one yet that can tell me anything about it?


I want to purchase a T12-W but can not find it for sale anywhere. Please help me in my search

tommy turner

You can find it at for 899.99


im very interested in the t12-w and need to get more info on it if possible Thank you


Obviously made in CHINKVILLE….do not BUY!