Weatherby Introduces the Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle

Weatherby Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle
Weatherby Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle
Weatherby Inc.

Paso Robles, Calif. -( —Weatherby Inc., legendary firearms manufacturer, is honored to introduce the DGR, one of the latest iterations of the Vanguard series that debuted in the late 1960s.

Since that time, Vanguard rifles have redefined the level of performance that’s attainable from a production hunting rifle —especially budget-friendly models. Continuing that convention, the economical Vanguard DGR is replete with features that’ll endear it to those individuals who pursue perilous species or venture through hazardous environments.

Adhering to the Weatherby axiom, “Nothing is … more accurate,” accompanying the Vanguard DGR is an accuracy guarantee; when using premium ammunition, it will produce a three-shot group measuring 0.99-inch or less at 100 yds. from a cold barrel. In addition to aiding the aforementioned accuracy assurance, the cold-hammer-forged, 24-inch, No. 2-contour barrel extracts the full potential of the .375 H&H Magnum to deliver upon the maxim, “Nothing … hits harder.”

To ensure perfect shot placement in a host of lighting conditions, the barrel is topped with the field-proven New England Custom Gun (NECG) rear sight and the perfect complement, a Williams Gun Sight Co. hooded front sight. Sight-skewing and game-alarming glare is minimized through the use of a bead-blasted, matte-blue finish.

Designed as a “working” arm, the DGR eschews frills for functionality; the rugged, reliable Vanguard® action is attached to a full-length bedding plate secured in an all-conditions, hand-laminated, composite stock with spider web accents that enhance purchase. To reduce glare and enhance durability, the stock has a matte gel coat finish. Weatherby’s signature Monte Carlo-style, raised comb immediately aligns the shooter’s eye with the iron sights or an attached optic—perfect for when the stakes are life or death. A pliable, Pachmayr® Decelerator® recoil pad helps soften the recoil, while swivel studs enable the attachment of a sling for the long, rigorous treks often required for pursuing dangerous game.

As with other Vanguard rifles, the Vanguard DGR is equipped with a match-quality, hand-honed, two-stage trigger that’s user adjustable for pull weight. It also has the familiar three-position safety and fluted bolt with dual-opposed locking lugs of its siblings.

Feeding the Vanguard DGR is an internal, staggered-column magazine that holds three rounds of the belted classic. Because of the positioning of the magazine-release button, it’s virtually assured that the floor plate won’t be inadvertently opened during an inopportune time, too, so the rounds will be at the ready for when you need them.

The Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle is available through the Weatherby Custom Shop. Call 800-227-2016 to order your rifle today.