Celestron Hummingbird ED Micro Spotting Scopes: A New Vision for Optics on the Move

Celestron's new Hummingbird ED Micro Spotting Scope series
Celestron’s Hummingbird ED Micro Spotting Scope series

Torrance, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- If you spend any time at all outdoors you can probably remember occasions when you wished you could have taken a closer look at something that was too far away to see in detail.

Maybe you were on a fishing trip, or scouting a new place to hunt, or were on vacation or simply saw a bird you wanted to take a closer look at in your backyard. A spotting scope would have been ideal, but you don’t carry a spotting scope around because they’re bulky and not very convenient if you are traveling or on the move-it’s not like you can stick one in your pocket in case you need it.

Until now!

Celestron’s new Hummingbird ED Micro Spotting Scope series is designed to fit easily in a pocket, glove box, outer pocket of a hunting pack, or even carry-on luggage.

The Celestron Hummingbird has the distinctive qualities of real hummingbirds, they are both quick, highly mobile, and can travel long distances with ease, Celestron created the Hummingbird Micro Spotting Scopes to be useful to a wide variety of uses:, hiking, hunting, birding, sightseeing – wherever the need for a highly versatile optic is high and the space to carry it in is tight, the Celestron Hummingbird is the right optic to chose. Anywhere you go, the Celestron Hummingbird Micro Spotting Scopes can go.

The Hummingbird ED Micro series provides the option of a 7.5-22X50mm scope or a 9-27X56mm version. At the lower range of their magnification settings, they both can serve as a substitute for a binocular. These spotting scopes also “birder-friendly.” They have close-focus feature for objects as close as 10 feet/3 meters away, which satisfies birding field optic requirements.

Celestron designed the Hummingbird to work as either a hand-held or support mounted spotting scope, so it’s possible to use it as an “all-in-one” field optic. That’s a practical characteristic in the field: in many situations, birds and animals aren’t going to wait around for you to unpack and set up A FULL SIZE SPOTTING SCOPE. With a Hummingbird, you just pull it from your pocket and it’s ready at a moment’s notice.

Of course, many of the same characteristics that make Hummingbird Micro Spotting Scopes convenient in the field would also make them handy to keep close at home for backyard bird watching.

One thing that the Hummingbird ED Micro Spotting Scope does not do: it does not force you to compromise on quality. The ED lens optical system produces sharp, clear images with well-managed color. It’s handiness for use in the field is also matched by its toughness: waterproof and nitrogen-filled, Hummingbird optics are protected against wet weather, humidity and harsh environments. Because the Hummingbird is meant to be used by people who are serious about the outdoors, it’s also encased in a durable armor that protects it against bumps and jolts, not only in the field, but in transport to and from the field.

To find out more about Celestron’s wide range of optics, check out their website at www.celestron.com.

About Celestron:

Celestron is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality optical products including telescopes, sport optics, microscopes, and outdoor electronics. Since manufacturing its first telescope in 1960, Celestron has grown to become the world’s #1 telescope maker, winning multiple awards from many prestigious media outlets and organizations. Among serious amateur astronomers, the name Celestron is synonymous with superior optics and innovative technology. The company has a longstanding track record supporting astronomy- and outdoor-related nonprofits such as the International Dark-Sky Association, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Astronomers Without Borders. Celestron is privately held and operates out of its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Torrance, California.

For more information, please visit www.Celestron.com.