Cody School Board Exposed

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Cheyenne, WY -( We’ve heard almost every excuse from Park county school board members about why they didn’t advertise their special meeting…

Here’s a few examples of the cover statements coming from board members:

“It was labeled as Special Meeting but it was a forum”.

“There wasn’t a legal requirement to advertise the meeting.”

“I’m pro-gun, you didn’t need to send that email out.”

Don’t fall for any of it.

It’s just a bunch of CYA (Cover Your Ass) from elected politicians who were caught doing what government isn’t supposed to be doing…KEEPING SECRETS!

I stand firmly by this statement: They knew damn well what they were doing when they attempted to keep gun free zone discussions out of the lime light. And yes, it was intentional.

Even phony newspaper, the Cody Enterprise, gave the politicians cover by reporting that, “no notice of meeting was required.”

Behind the false impression of legitimate news outlet, Cody high school teacher Vin Cappiello took the job as Editor of the Cody newspaper just last year.

So from here on, I promise to give you everything the media purposely leaves out.

Park County School Board Chairman Jake Fulkerson read a “prepared statement” and even admitted that the gun issue was a last minute addition to the agenda. This in itself proves that, even if they had properly published the details prior to the meeting, the gun issue would have been virtually left out of the public eye.

Of course, Chairman Fulkerson complied as it applies to them—->He actually notified all of the board members thirty days in advance.

But in a usual “mode of operation” that all slimy politicians adhere to, they conveniently overlooked the details about publicly notifying their constituents. Read the law for yourself…

Wyoming Statute 16-4-404 (b)

Special meetings may be called by the presiding officer of a governing body by giving verbal, electronic or written notice of the meeting to each member of the governing body and to each newspaper of general circulation, radio or television station requesting the notice. The notice shall specify the time and place of the special meeting and the business to be transacted and shall be issued at least eight (8) hours prior to the commencement of the meeting. No other business shall be considered at a special meeting. Proof of delivery of verbal notice to the newspaper of general circulation, radio or television station may be made by affidavit of the clerk or other employee or officer of the agency charged or responsible for distribution of the notice of the meeting.

Even as they lawyered up to defend a position of secrecy, the real question is, WHY would elected officials desire to ignore the spirit of the law? You probably already know the answer.

Sadly, like so many who are elected to positions of power, certain board members along with Hank Coe think they know what’s best for you!

Senator Hank "Gun-Control" Coe
Senator Hank “Gun-Control” Coe

The reality is, Senator Hank Coe (Cody ring leader) and the entire cast of bad actors, really know how to game the system.

Coe a phony Republican who has been in the Wyoming Senate for 27 years – tells his constituents that he is pro-gun – despite the fact that he voted along with the Democrats to crush gun free zone repeal.

Coe says he ran a 14 page substitute bill during the 2015 session because leadership ordered it.

Nice try Hank….but you are Senate leadership!

If Coe’s lips are moving, he’s probably lying.

Representative David Northrup (Republican-Powell) also voted against repeal of gun free zones.

As you peel back the layers, these Republican politicians are in lock step with faulty gun control logic – as if they were California Democrats.

Senator Ray Peterson a Republican from Cowley publicly stated, “I’m not in favor of allowing concealed weapons in our schools, courts, public meetings or our college campuses” and “I hope common sense will prevail.”

Representative Elaine Harvey (a Republican from Lovell, in office for 13 years) says that she, “opposes guns in the capitol, courthouses, schools and churches.”

And lets not forget the lead anti-gun bureaucrat, Park County Superintendent, Ray Schulte who has testified in open committee against gun free zone repeal more than once.

The above mentioned politicians were on the record and against legislation that would ONLY allow permit holders to conceal carry in Schools – the same way Utah has been doing for over 16 years.

One thing is for certain. We now have these double talking politicians on the record, and there could be some awesome opportunities during the Republican primaries coming in August.

In Wyoming there are almost 30,000 residents who have turned over their fingerprints and passed a DOJ background check and received a permit to carry concealed.

Statistics consistently reveal that permit holders are safer and the most law-abiding segment of the population.

Politicians say they need background checks, but as a rotten reward when law-abiding citizens comply they are treated as if they were the gun-toting criminals.

The recent San Bernandino indecent where an Islamic terrorist (also a government employee) killed several people in a gun free building is telling of what these policies really accomplish.

The following is a photo of the entrance riddled with bullet holes in Chattanooga Tennessee where an Islamic Terrorist gunned down four marines while they were defenseless in a mandated gun free zone.

Entrance riddled with bullet holes in Chattanooga Tennessee
Entrance riddled with bullet holes in Chattanooga Tennessee

Disarming law abiding citizens ensures that everyone in sight is now left helpless and at the mercy of blood-thirsty killers.

If we were on the “left coast” I would fully expect our politicians to think and act as they do. But we live in Wyoming with a 77 to 13 Republican/Democrat split in the State Legislature.

With a joint legislature/school board meeting along with participant “Gun Control Coe”, the Park County school board was under scrutiny like never before, and the good news is, they were on their best behavior.

At a Restaurant in Park county, Senator Coe even told others that, “Bouchard is a Mother F…er for disrupting the meeting.”

Quite frankly, I’m glad he’s catching on. Because 27 years of Coe’s Senate leadership is enough!

And this is why Wyoming Gun Owners exists: Voting records and actions of politicians matter – lip service only works on voters who remain uninformed.

You can help to change Wyoming’s pattern of under informed voters, by chipping in just $20 today.

And last, if you have frontage property in high traffic areas in Cody, please email me so we can discuss options about where specific message signage can be placed.

About Wyoming Gun Owners:

Wyoming Gun Owners is a not-for-profit issue advocacy organization that is on a deliberate mission to protect and defend the Second Amendment. Contributions to WyGO are unlimited and are used to expose politicians who treat your rights with contempt. Contributions to WyGO are not deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

For more information, please visit

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Jack Delahanty

Scott Weber does not represent Wyoming. He is a transplant from of all places Ohio. He brought his view and politics with him when he sadly decided to relocate to my town (born and raised in Cody). When you mention the left coast or the right coast you have to include this incredible douche in in the litany of douches that have invaded our town. He will not be satisfied until every single person is issued a gun at birth. What a pig.

Bruce McCormack

This ammoland story is a paranoid, uninformed, scare-tactic piece of junk. The local press coverage of this school board meeting was perfectly appropriate and accurate. Those professional, objective journalists understand the local issue far better than ammoland.

Grey Beard

I see that by 4:PM Hank had energized his serfs to post. Muricá and Grad add nothing to the conversation except denegration of one group and a fact less defense of one liar/co-conspirator. So called “Gun Free Zones” have been the selected venue for madmen and terrorrists for decades. The news is Full of stories, and occasionally one where a “good guy” with a gun STOPPED the “bad” guy before more carnage could occur. Those who continue to bury their heads in the sand and complain “it has never happened here so it never will” need some serious mental health… Read more »

Annoyed Wyoming Journalist

Reading this I thought I would have actually gained some insight into what the meeting actually discussed, but instead I got a great view into an uneducated boss opinion about the real events that took place in a PUBLIC library, that the PUBLIC had complete access to. This was not a secret meeting to conspire to take away guns, but an open conversation discussing legitimate concerns about the subject. Those we read this please go to a more credible source before forming an opinion on this subject. Attacking another reporter who has much more insight into the matter is not… Read more »

A Disgusted 2015 CHS Grad

How about a little more bias backed up by what you call “facts”. Coming from a graduate of the class of 2015, I’m pretty disappointed that mountains are being made out of mole hills. I understand that the school board has its issues concerning the election of certain members. That’s why I didn’t I vote for them yet we have gun crazy conservatives like Scott Webber making a fool of himself and the teachers and students he represents. It’s not about whether you’re a liberal or a conservative. It’s about doing what’s best for the students of faculty of Park… Read more »


It makes me sad that we’ve come to a point in our society where our government and media have made people so afraid of “terrorists” that they think everyone should carry a .45 with them everywhere they go. This is the 21st century, don’t let the terrorist win by living in fear of some psycho every moment of your simple lives. Cody Wyoming is about as safe as it gets in this world, bitching about how “communists” won’t let you carry a gun into a fucking high school is just stupid.

JR Bailey

A really great article!

It is necessary, absolutely necessary, these anti gun RINOS be voted out of office! They have betrayed us for the last time, and if the voters allow them to remain in office, making school children more vulnerable, not less, because law abiding people are not allowed to carry in schools and churches, and in state houses, while terrorists, and criminals can and do carry, then it is the voters who shall be to blame when, not if, violence occurs.

peewee henson



how in the fok did these COMMUNIST get elected in Wyoming of all places… even Maryland isn’t as bad as this…