Trapshooting Hall of Fame and Museum Moving In

Trapshooting Hall of Fame & Museum
Trapshooting Hall of Fame & Museum
Amateur Trapshooting Association’s (ATA)
Amateur Trapshooting Association’s (ATA)

Sparta, IL -( March 14 has been “targeted” as the date that trapshooting’s most historic and prized exhibits, memorabilia and artifacts will be moved to the newly constructed Trapshooting Hall of Fame & Museum at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources World Shooting & Recreational Complex, Sparta Illinois.

Established in 1969, the Hall of Fame chronicles the shooting careers and accomplishments of the greatest trapshooters in the history of the sport. The list of nearly 175 enshrinees includes the likes of Annie Oakley and John Philip Sousa. The Museum will include artifacts and exhibits that will showcase the history of the sport from its 19th century beginnings to the present day.

Up until 2012, the Museum was located at Vandalia Ohio, the former location of the Grand American World Championship Tournament. When the Amateur Trapshooting Association headquarters were moved to Sparta in 2012, the Museum exhibits were put into storage to await the construction of a new home.

Shortly after the August 2014 groundbreaking ceremony, construction of the 9,200 square foot facility began. Although the location is on the grounds of IDNR’s massive World Shooting Complex, the Trapshooting Museum was constructed and will be maintained completely with private donations and funds.

“The building is quite attractive and has a very high quality of interior finish, carpet, tile, lighting; high windows and ceilings add to the vastness of the interior,” were the proud comments of Hall of Fame Chairman Jim Bradford.

Although their goals, interests and efforts are parallel, the Trapshooting Hall of Fame & Museum and the Amateur Trapshooting Association have always been two separate entities.

The Grand Opening of the Hall and Museum will be in August during this year’s Grand American Championships at the Complex. Local dignitaries and media are invited to the move in at 10:00 am on Wednesday March 16.

Volunteers are being asked to assist with the move and are encouraged to contact Lynn Gipson at [email protected]

About the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA):

The Amateur Trapshooting Association serves as the governing body for the sport of American style trapshooting. The ATA’s mission is to promote and govern the sport throughout the world. As the faithful protector of trapshooting, the ATA not only governs the sport’s rules and regulations, but also seeks ways to enhance the sport and stimulate participation. The ATA provides trophies, financial assistance and event management support to the state and provincial associations. The ATA has also been instrumental in developing programs to increase interest in the sport with its creation of National Trapshooting Day, Satellite Grand Americans, Achievement Recognition and other valuable programs.

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Look at the gun seizure language placed in Illinois Rep. Brandon Phelps SB86 “improvement” to his garbage carry bill so they could keep Sparta open: “If a licensee carrying a firearm or a non-resident carrying a firearm in a vehicle under subsection (e) of Section 40 of this Act is contacted by a law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel, the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel may secure the firearm or direct that it be secured during the duration of the contact if the law enforcement officer or emergency services personnel determines that it is necessary for the… Read more »