Large Spike in Handgun License Applicants in Texas

Texas Handgun License Takes Big Jump in Applications

Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)
Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Austin, TX -( The first notable spike in the number of CHL applicants followed 911. Terrorism such as that could never happen here “our world” but it has and it may again.

Whether the recent giant jump in LTC applicants is due to recent acts of terrorism, press-hype during the 2015 session, or due to personal protection awareness, it's causing chaos within DPS-Regulatory.

Today's DPS Regulatory Division cranks out our handgun license, plus the protection industry's professional licenses, drivers' licenses, and even oversees the safety inspection of Texas vehicles.

The current 139% increase in LTC applications has DPS scrambling to work extra shifts and bringing in temps. If your license needs to be renewed please don't wait until the last minute. If you're an instructor please see your applicants have all the understanding they need to complete the process and get their license. A partial package slows down the log-jammed process.

Applicants have complained that they “gave their instructor money”; not understanding they had only paid for the class, still needed to get fingerprints, needed to pay the state for the license itself plus complete the DPS process on line.

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    2. Good schools provide a check list of state requirements, capture fingerprints, have students complete all the paperwork and even address and seal the envelopes during class. As a cautionary note, elderly applicants risk rejection of their fingerprints and a good school will know when prints are unacceptable. I’ve been printed several times in the military and a number of other times for various brokers’ licenses. Computer services now are used to print applicants in large volume industries such as real estate. Because I’m pretty old, when the real estate commission added a fingerprint requirement, I had to be reprinted four times because my prints had been smoothed over the years. Thirty years or so ago, due to cost and trouble, I allowed my concealed carry license to lapse. Reacquiring a license to carry required new prints by law enforcement accompanied by an affidavit signed by the sheriff himself. After about six months, I received a new license and vowed never to let it lapse again. I came away from those experiences with an opinion that because fingerprints change, state officials need to find another biometric point of verification. Facial recognition seems to withstand the ravages of time no better than fingerprints. DNA is the obvious choice but the cost is high. Perhaps teaching the gun grabbers to read will work some day.

      1. DNA is NOT the way to go. This is the most intrusive of all Govt programs. Please, let’s not have anyone bring up the red herring of “well, if you haven’t done anything wrong….” etc. If you haven’t done anything wrong why not let the Govt search your house anytime they so desire? If you want to step up the ID process (and the cost) just do an iris scan of everyone. Personally, we should be abolishing permits altogether. The theory that we need permission from the State in order to exercise an inherent right has long passed.

        1. The purpose and effects of DNA and iris scans are the same. The purpose of identification is to prevent illegal aliens, criminals, youths, mental defectives, et al., from being licensed. If the iris scan is less intrusive and equally as effective as DNA, that would make it the obvious choice. And my last sentence, “…teaching the gun grabbers to read…” was intended to remove licensing as an intrusive nuisance. That still leaves us with the need to prevent illegal aliens, criminals, youths, mental defectives, et al., from legally obtaining firearms. Positive identification wouldn’t prevent illegal acquisition and the major effect would be to create a standard for arrest and punishment.

        2. Vann, I think that you are right about the theory that we need permission from the State to carry is long passed. And here in Texas the whole license to carry program is costing a fortune; taking too long; and everyone carries anyway. So why not save a whole lot of effort and taxpayer dollars; drop the pretense that about licensing and go to Constitutional carry.

          1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s just become clearer to me that leftist forces in this nation have absolutely no interest in nuts and felons. They’re interested in the lawful working citizens they need to be dependent on them. Felons and the entitlement class already are dependent on them but they desperately need to “control” the normal, everyday, middle class workers who actually earn money. By the way, that’s us. And that’s the money they use to create the dependency that keeps them in power. Proof came spilling out in 2013 during heated debate over a bipartisan bill proposed by Senators Begich, Flake, Graham and Pryor, and supported by the NRA, that would reform the NICS. Its focus was to clarify when a person loses the right to possess due to mental illness. Its justification was based on the well documented “Alice Boland” case. She threatened Bush 43 and told the Secret Service she’d shoot him and the entire U.S. Congress if she had a gun. In 2005, she was tried and found not guilty by reason of insanity. In 2013, she passed a NICS test, bought a sidearm, entered a private school and tried to kill two staff members. Fortunately, the gun failed.

            The bill would have accurately defined those who should be barred from firearm possession, particularly those like Boland. Gun control zealots refused to support the bill and it failed. Notably, Senator Blumenthal co-sponsored the bill but three weeks later withdrew his support. Remember Blumenthal? He claimed Marine Corps combat service in Vietnam but actually did his service in the Toys for Tots program. These leftists are charlatans and what they really want is to keep tabs on transfers between mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. They’re after inheritances, bequeathals and gifts. They’re also after the sales of inherited collections, however small they are. New York, California, et al., already have begun by comparing death certificates to permits and taking guns from widows. Clearly, they don’t give a hoot about nuts and felons. They want us because we’re the source of THEIR money.

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